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Tencent TGP "this is my 22 day war" pre-sale limited preferential 14 yuan Sina game [original], please indicate the source Sina game news November 19th news, Tencent TGP platform before been officially added "this is my war (This War of Mine)", in November 22nd to open the pre-sale price 68 yuan, LIMITED preferential. 14 yuan. Tencent TGP "this is my war" on "this is my war" Post Bar had also issued a notice, said the Tencent TCG agent, and in the beta stage, has issued some beta permissions IT services group members extremely veteran, can be downloaded directly. This is my war Post Bar announcement that the Tencent TGP version of "this is my war" won’t have too big change, the basic original copy, beta version and circulation of free online versions of the same function. In fact, the staff of Tencent as early as a month ago to contact this is my war, it is the service group to do the work, but because of the requirements of confidentiality, so there has been no external exposure agent news. This is my war this is my war is a game developer from Poland 11 Bit Studios produced by the 2D version of the war game, on sale in November 14, 2014, popular on the Steam. This is my war in the game, the player is not the elite soldiers, but a group of people in the besieged city to survive the civilians. Game player food, drug shortage, also always prevent hostile snipers and scavengers. This game allows players to experience the feeling of war from a new perspective. (Editor: Chu) this is my war this is my war this is my war this is my war this is my war Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: