Panzhihua storm caused many roads interrupted railway not affected by the new network – in-carmex润唇膏

Panzhihua storm caused many roads not affected by the suspension of Railway – Beijing new network in Panzhihua in September 20, (Wang Zhe Zhang Lang) reporter has just learned from the Panzhihua official, due to landslides and flying rocks have caused Panzhihua roads interruption, and lead to individual local highway tunnel collapse, blocking the road. At present, Xichang and Panzhihua to Kunming direction of the road off the road, railway is not affected. According to the latest statistics, heavy rain has caused landslides along the highway 86, including: off road 10, 4, 3 all got through half two-way pass, 3 did not rush through the field to the ground (G5 high speed tunnel blocked by debris, trapped people have been rescued, the vehicle still trapped, traffic interrupt; ground blocked by debris in the town of 108 National Highway, traffic disruption); 12 road bridge culvert blocked, damaged 1, waveform fence damaged 50m, retaining wall damaged 1, roadbed damaged 2, road subsidence 1. Is the highway debris blocked Zhong Xin photo as of now, Panzhihua public security organs into police 2290 people, police, fire officers and soldiers 445 people, has completed 26 dangerous rescue work, rescue trapped 253 people, 18 vehicles, the transfer of more than 3000 people. The effect of precipitation cloud system in Panzhihua has weakened, 21 day began in Panzhihua city in cloudy to sunny weather, local showers, rainfall tends to end. (end)相关的主题文章: