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Several new Chengdu Wedding Expo wedding company pay a deposit gone – the disappearance of Beijing Loti company after receiving, Camilla, twists and turns to a refund, the relationship between the two is still a mystery. In late August of this year, in the eighteenth session of Chengdu (Autumn) Wedding Expo, a beautiful Loti wedding company received several new deposits, but less than 1 months later, more than the deposit couples said, unable to contact the person in charge of the company. The day before the Wedding Expo organizers told reporters that all the participating businesses, the organizers will only check the business license, understanding the operating conditions, there is no other way to avoid the similar phenomenon. For a number of complaints, the organizers said the new and the United States will be Loti’s orders to another wedding company to implement. But this way of handling, was questioned by someone new. Paid a deposit of 8000 yuan, but the company can not find the wedding in August 20th this year, the eighteenth Chengdu (Autumn) Wedding Expo opened in Chengdu New International Convention and Exhibition center. 29 year old Zhong Chao (a pseudonym) plans to hold a wedding in January next year, he specially waited until the event in the major wedding companies gathered, pick a favorite wedding company. Left right pick, a company called the United States Loti wedding custom hall into the eyes of his company. I was at the Wedding Expo site, and Loti signed a ‘wedding order’, the total price of 16000 yuan wedding on the spot delivery of a deposit of $8000." In late September, the bell and hope that the wedding company to discuss the details of the wedding, but always can not contact the person in charge of the company. He found another day with the United States Loti signed a new agreement, that the other side also encountered this situation. Soon, Zhong Chao was pulled into a new company with the United States signed a new WeChat group, the group has more than 20 new. Reporters according to the order and deposit receipt they learned that the deposit of these newcomers to 6000 yuan to $20000. Newcomer Donna told reporters that she had with a man named Yuan Yuan Loti legal representative of the company made contact, the other said the company had been cancelled, the wedding also do not, the delivery of the deposit, to find a "Camilla" custom wedding hall retreat." In November 9th, the Chengdu Daily reporter card honey and a number of new to the poly center pull custom wedding hall, the other responsible person, just with the beauty of Loti company cooperation relationship is not clear, Yuan Yuan said a refund. "They took the new, usually to our custom wedding, you can discount." Donna call Yuan Yuan on the spot, the other party did not answer the phone. Organizers said the transfer order can increase the cost of new worry it is understood that the eighteenth Chengdu (Autumn) Wedding Expo, jointly organized by the Chengdu Century City New International Exhibition Center Co., Ltd. and Shanghai net net 591 married Mdt InfoTech Ltd warmly. The same day, the reporter also came together with the new people of Shanghai network Mdt InfoTech Ltd 591 marriage network Chengdu office. Li Di, general manager of the company admitted that the complaints about the United States, the company has received a number of complaints, the company is also trying to find a way to find the United States, the head of the company in charge of the company, and to deal with the matter for the new person in charge of the company, said the company has received more than complaints about the company. Li Di.相关的主题文章: