2015 Macao gaming revenue fell by more than 30%-sql2005安装图解

In 2015 Macao gaming revenue year-on-year decline in more than 30% – Beijing, China News Agency, Macao, September 23 (reporter Longtu) Macao statistics and Census Bureau data released on 23, total revenue of enterprises in Macao in 2015 operating gambling activities was 233 billion 230 million yuan (Macao yuan, the same below), down 34.1% compared with 2014. Gaming revenue was $231 billion 580 million, down 34.3% year on year. The data also show that reflecting the industry’s contribution to the economic value of the total value of 154 billion 740 million yuan, an increase of 31.3%. Industry profit of 134 billion 800 million yuan, an annual decline of 34.6%. On the other hand, gaming companies to increase the purchase of machinery and other equipment, so that the total amount of fixed capital industry increased by 4% to $2 billion 750 million. As we all know, the gaming industry is a pillar industry in Macao, since 2002 Macao open gambling, gambling industry has entered a period of rapid growth. 2013, the total revenue reached 361 billion 800 million yuan gambling industry in Macao. But since June 2014, affected by multiple factors, gaming revenue into the depth adjustment, in 2015 Macao gaming revenue fell by more than 34% in the first half of 2016 decreased by 10.5%. As for the future economic trends, the Macao SAR chief executive Cui Shian said earlier, did not expect Macao gaming revenue will reproduce the rapid growth in previous years. Conservative estimates in 2016 full year gross gaming revenue was 200 billion yuan, an average of about $16 billion 600 million per month. The Macao SAR government will vigorously support gaming and non gaming industry integration and development, promote economic moderately and strengthen regional cooperation, develop the economy of Macao three. (end)相关的主题文章: