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"Final Fantasy 15: Excalibur" exactly is a what kind of movies [Sina video copyright] (this may be prohibited involving minor spoilers) "Final Fantasy 15: Excalibur" (hereinafter referred to as "Excalibur") has released more than two months, the real ticket all the way, the audience evaluation very high "is the most appropriate for performance summary. Of course, as the works of a movie, it’s box office did not reach the degree of extend great admiration for the use, but considering the "point" form, and there is no specific situation in Japan and the United States all through the cinema, so the current has been achieved, "Wang Zhezhi sword" still can be regarded as a real return. According to many authoritative website statistics, "Excalibur" the average score between 7-8 points, it is recommended once more than 80% of the audience, to know that in the film field, squaresoft last like brilliant achievements in time, have to be traced back to 11 years ago, the Ministry of works is: "Final Fantasy 7: Advent". "Final Fantasy 15: Excalibur" and "Final Fantasy greatness is a what kind of movies Visual Works 7: Advent Children" is different, "Excalibur" production is not known as Visual Works studio, even in the square of the glorious history, Visual Works arranged most of the "final fantasy series" trailer, CG and a series of movies through the peripheral vision, but "Excalibur" is Platige Image, Unit Image, Image Engine and Digic team. If you feel a little strange to them the name of it, so their works will let you see light suddenly, from the "halo 4", "Assassin’s Creed:" revolution, "killer 6" to 2 "," watchdog "blockade", "Wizards throughout 3", these big propaganda films and CG the motions are almost all by the group of single handedly, they cited that proud technology tentacles also extended to the field of drama and even special "power game". So, "Excalibur" is a collective wisdom of smart products, brilliant Visual Works studio play a role is to act as a go-between and corresponding sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height. "Final Fantasy" series of high level CG Visual Works but is precisely the most from this seemingly relegated to second tier status, it created a "Excalibur" brilliant achievements, valuable Visual Works studio is the team produced many different styles and distinctive characteristics of the relatively perfect combination, make it strong the formation of the technical force, the "advent" behind. Strong visual expression is the most wonderful place is "visual Excalibur" of the macro aspects, whether modern Wangcheng sand filled the border or sophisticated, and fantasy huge aircraft and different shapes of the ancient demon and guard God, "Excalibur" xu.相关的主题文章: