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Men despise lazy friends after the theft of Sohu said the initiative to report news Ningbo Times reporter 90 guy trabecular friends steal – burglary, to hide the crime, in retaliation for more friends, but to the police station to report said two other friends steal. One June afternoon, Xiao Liang described his friend with the police found Xiao Li and Xiao Xu’s theft after: Mike first told Xiaoliang, he found a village of Wu family rental housing is always open the window, and can get the key on the table by the window. After Lee called Xu, took the opportunity to steal an electric car and a silver bracelet and a few hundred dollars in cash. Then, a small beam face filled with righteous indignation that Lee asked him to help him to tube electric vehicles, also the money, he felt that this is illegal, to report. After careful investigation and verification of the police, found that the village did occur this theft, but ruled out Lee, Xu suspicion. The face of police interrogation, Xiao Liang admitted that because flat-share and Mike, Mike lazy, he was unhappy with Mike, with Xiao Xu also because of trifles have contradictions, they will be false friends, he moved to the head of the theft are in fact he did. Recently, the Ningbo Yinzhou court after hearing that the beam for the purpose of illegal possession, using secret means to steal home property of others, his behavior constituted theft; trabecular and deliberately fabricated stories to implicate others, intent to make others subject to criminal prosecution, if the circumstances are serious, their behavior constituted the crime of false accusation, to beam according to the law should be graft. The final beam was sentenced to 9 months detention, and fined one thousand yuan, and also to the victim restitution of stolen money.相关的主题文章: