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Palm oil palm oil foot long emboldened gradually

oil prices | _ sina finance _ yesterday, domestic oil varieties led the commodity market, including palm oil Masukura soaring, the main 1605 contract rose 3.91% full-time, 67984 hand positions increased to 644892 hands. According to the spot, investor futures, domestic palm oil spot prices overall stronger adjustment, most manufacturers offer 20-50 million tons of area has increased, a few manufacturers price stability or to stop reporting, the sentiment is strong, spot trading continued light pattern. Guoxin futures pointed out, palm oil prices mainly due to RM weakness and future expected decline in production support. In addition, short positions before the holiday also contributed to the rise. Enhance the RM as oil pressure and weakness and the El Nino phenomenon and dry weather related factors may lead to production, has boosted the price of palm oil rose nearly 10% in 2015. A trader from Kuala Lumpur said: "the market expects production to decline in February." "Malaysia palm oil board will be announced in January the supply and demand data, the market is expected in January production will continue to decline, a decline of more than 10%, the report before the price will be higher volatility. Domestic, palm oil spot price is strong, Guangdong offer 4650 yuan tons, February palm brown oil import port cost is stable at 5086 tons. Although the domestic palm oil stocks are high, but there is a change in subsequent imports, palm oil market pre holiday strong." Guoxin futures analyst Hou Xueling said. Huatai futures analyst Chen Wei forecast, February oil is expected to show a strong oscillation pattern. Due to the current low commodity cumulative backlash, oil sales ratio is still relatively tight last year, the overall tone has not changed, the downside is not large, the operation is still maintained in the bargain mentality. Chen Wei said at the end of December, Malaysia palm oil stocks for 2 million 630 thousand tons, 2 million 900 thousand tons more than in November fell 9.5%. The decline in horse brown oil inventories exceeded expectations and the market was briefly boosted. But in the new year after the start of the Malay export is still very difficult, according to Singapore February 1st news, shipping agency SGS data released on Monday showed that exports of palm oil in Malaysia in January was 1149255 tons, compared to December 2015 exports 1272150 tons to reduce 9.7%. Last month, the base is already low, the market is more disappointed with Malaysia’s exports, and it is expected to slow the pace of inventory. While at the end of the hype is generally caused by arsenic exceed the standard of pesticide residues exceed the standard, exceed the standard is likely to be less rainfall caused by orchard pesticide residues, the best solution is to Indonesia factory re refining a follow-up problem. Therefore, the beneficial effects caused by excessive arsenic are transient factors, and the mixed oil is only delayed to enter the Chinese market. Brown oil can hold 5 to sell 9 arbitrage, focusing on monitoring excessive arsenic caused by ship delay or ship washing situation." Chen Wei points out. Hou Xueling said, affected by the early El Nino brought the drought, the market forecast of palm oil production in January than expected decline in February will drop or convergence. The influence of seasonal factors and El Nino climate characteristics will be discussed in the first quarter

棕榈油多头底气渐足|棕油|油脂|油价_新浪财经_新浪网   昨日,国内油脂品种领涨商品市场,其中棕榈油增仓暴涨,主力1605合约全日上涨3.91%,持仓量增加67984手至644892手。   现货方面,据瑞达期货介绍,国内棕榈油现货价格整体偏强调整,多数地区厂商报价呈现20-50元 吨的上调,少数地区厂商稳价或停报,场内观望情绪浓郁,现货交投延续清淡格局。   国信期货指出,棕油涨价主要因马币走软以及未来产量下滑的相关预期支撑。此外,节前部分空头平仓也推动了上涨。   马币因油价打压而走软以及厄尔尼诺现象增强及与之相关的干旱天气可能导致减产等因素,曾在2015年提振棕榈油价格攀升近10%。   一位来自吉隆坡的交易商称:“市场预期2月产量环比减少。”   “马来西亚棕榈油局将公布1月供需数据,市场预计1月产量将继续下降,降幅超过10%,报告前价格将震荡走高。国内方面,棕榈油现货价格坚挺,广东报价4650元 吨,2月马棕油进口到港成本稳定在5086元 吨。虽然国内棕榈油库存高企,但是后续进口存在变数,棕榈油市场节前料坚挺。”国信期货分析师侯雪玲表示。   华泰期货分析师陈玮预测,2月油脂预计呈现震荡偏强格局。因目前商品低位累积反弹情绪,油脂库销比依旧较去年偏紧,整体基调没变,下跌空间也不会大,操作上该仍是维持以逢低做多的思路。   陈玮表示,12月底马来西亚棕榈油库存为263万吨,比11月份的290万吨下降9.5%。马棕油库存的下降幅度超出了市场预期,市场曾短暂受到提振。但马来在新年度开始后的出口依然举步维艰,据新加坡2月1日消息,船运调查机构SGS周一公布数据显示,马来西亚1月棕榈油出口量为1149255吨,较2015年12月出口的1272150吨减少9.7%。   “上月基数已然较低,市场对马来出口较为失望,预计去库存节奏缓慢。而月末炒作的砷超标一般是农药残留超标所致,农药残留超标很可能是果园降雨偏少所致,最好的解决办法就是印尼加工厂再精炼一次,后续问题不大。所以,由砷超标所导致的利多影响为短暂因素,混合后的油只是延后进入中国市场。棕油可持有买5抛9套利,重点监测砷超标所导致的订船延迟或洗船情况。”陈玮指出。   侯雪玲表示,受前期厄尔尼诺气候带来干旱的影响,市场预估1月份棕榈油产量超预期下降,2月份降幅或将收敛。季节性因素和厄尔尼诺气候特征的影响将在一季度继续显著呈现,在二季度产量增长期之前,棕榈油将受到来自于产量方面的支撑。但出口方面呈现利空,限制价格上涨高度。而国内方面,目前棕榈油库存充足,后期存在变数,关注印尼棕榈油进口砷超标事件能否成为持续事件,如果事件恶化,后续棕榈油到港量将锐减,国内棕榈油供需将从宽松转为紧张。(王朱莹) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: