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Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party to restart constitutional amendment discussion intended to support Abe and incite public opinion – new net in February 17, according to Japanese media reports, the Japanese Liberal Democratic party 16 days after the party headquarters for about 8 months, once again called for amendments to promote the headquarters conference". This is the first meeting of the former French Prime Minister, who took office as chief executive in October last year. Japanese media said the move aims to support the prime minister Abe Shinzo who intends to modify the constitution as a controversial point in the summer Senate election and to arouse public opinion. After the meeting, Mori Erikosuke enumerated the terms necessary to modify the constitution, including the ninth and the preface. At the meeting, Mori Erikosuke pointed out that "the purpose of amending the constitution to promote the headquarters is to promote consensus among the people", and he also expressed his intention to test whether schools and other ways of implementing constitutional education are appropriate. He then stressed to reporters: "(Xiu Xian) for the prime minister is a very big goal.". I’m going to see his intentions and move on." Japanese political scholar and chairman of The University of Shimane, five hundred flag, delivered a speech entitled "postwar history and constitutional amendment" at the conference. The amendment urged the headquarters to plan a monthly meeting before the election of the senate. Tanigaki, secretary-general of the Liberal Democratic Party, pointed out at the press conference: "the Liberal Democratic Party started its own constitution as the basic policy of the party."." He said, "if the amendment is the goal, then if we don’t move forward, we will not succeed". On the other hand, Idachi Tadachi, secretary-general of the Liberal Democratic Party, told reporters at the press conference: "there is no hope of amending the constitution as one of the arguments in the election of the senate. I hope to put forward policy propositions on more immediate issues." The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan adjusted its personnel arrangement in October last year, and Mori Erikosuke replaced Funada Shimoto as the constitutional amendment to promote the general secretary. In June last year, as the ruling party’s chief officer in the house of Representatives funada constitutional review meeting, 3 constitutional scholars including the Liberal Democratic Party recommended, agreed that the security law "unconstitutional", resulting in the spread of unconstitutional law, to be replaced after Tian ship.

日本自民党重启修宪讨论 意在支持安倍并煽动舆论-中新网   中新网2月17日电 据日媒报道,日本自民党16日在党总部时隔约8个月再次召开“修宪推进总部会议”。这是前法相森英介去年10月就任总部长以来的首次会议。   日媒称,此举旨在支持有意将修宪作为夏季参院选举争论点的首相安倍晋三并唤起舆论。森英介在会后列举了感到有修宪必要的条款,其中包括第九条和前言等。   森英介在会上指出“修宪推进总部的使命在于促使国民形成共识”,他还表示有意检验学校等实施宪法教育的方式是否妥当。他接着向记者强调称:“(修宪)对于首相来说是非常大的目标。我将体察他的意向并推进此事。”   日本政治学者、熊本县立大学理事长五百旗头真在当天的会议上发表了题为“战后史与修宪”的演讲。修宪推进总部今后打算在参院选举前每月举行一次学习会。   自民党干事长谷垣祯一在记者会上指出:“自民党是以自主制定宪法为政党基本方针而启动的。”他还表示“如果确实以修宪为目标,那么若不进一步脚踏实地向前迈进,就不会成功”。   另一方面,自民党参院干事长伊达忠一在记者会上表示:“不希望将修宪作为参院选举争论点之一。希望就更切身的问题提出政策主张。”   日本自民党去年10月调整人事安排,由森英介接替船田元出任修宪推进总部长。去年6月,在船田担任执政党首席干事的众院宪法审议会上,包括自民党推荐者在内的3名宪法学者一致认为安全保障相关法“违宪”,致使该法违宪论扩散开来,船田之后被更换。相关的主题文章: