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RMB appreciation against the U.S. dollar more than 700 points, breaking the 6.5 mark, the U.S. dollar against the RMB spot rate trend chart FX168 hearing RMB against the U.S. dollar spot Monday morning rose more than 600 points, a record high, the central price also appreciated nearly 200 points, nearly 1 months and a half high. The dollar Renminbi inquiry system midday 6.5061, the last trading day to close at 6.5755. The Central Bank of the dollar, the central bank, was set at 6.5118, and the central price was 6.5314 on the previous day. The spot exchange rate of RMB against the U.S. dollar was $7 billion 238 million, and the last day was $6 billion 100 million. NDF (NDF) market, the dollar yuan one-year varieties in the latest reported 6.7470, the previous day in late 6.7545. Hongkong’s offshore RMB dollar spot in the latest reported 6.50856.5095 yuan, on a trading day in late 6.5090. The reference exchange rate of the RMB exchange rate against the US dollar was 6.5168 at the 11:00 update of the China foreign exchange trading center. Traders said that during the Spring Festival today RMB rose main international dollar adjustment and offshore renminbi (CNH) rose by the dollar index adjustment and gradually improve the exchange rate elasticity of offshore and onshore spread or not is a good opportunity, how the market will pay more attention to the performance of subsequent middle price. Traders also pointed out that the central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan stressed that the RMB China still remained stable against a basket of currencies, but also help ease the expected depreciation; and today China latest customs trade surplus data is reaching a record high, but the influence of data on foreign exchange market Co.; after the customer purchase repayment on the market has not yet reflected. China foreign exchange trading center (CFETS) released on Monday, February 5th RMB exchange rate index was 99.23, down 0.92% over the previous week, down 0.77% compared to the end of 2014, it is published second times since the index fell below 100 points, but the overall remained stable. The central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan said Chinese before the current Chinese international payments in good condition, the international competitiveness is still very strong, cross-border capital flows in the normal range, the RMB exchange rate has remained basically stable against a basket of currencies, and the appreciation of the continued depreciation of the foundation does not exist. International currencies, the Federal Reserve Chairman Yelen attended the hearing in Congress had repeatedly stressed that the Fed did not "policy path" prefabricated, even given the strong job market economy and other highlights appear, she is still expected this year will gradually raise interest rates. The global market has fallen further during the Spring Festival in China, and it is increasingly doubtful whether the Fed can continue to promote the normalization of its monetary policy. 13:09 Beijing time, US dollar RMB 6.4904. The onshore RMB spot exchange rate has appreciated by more than 700 points. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

人民币兑美元升值逾700点 突破6.5关口 美元兑人民币即期汇率走势图   FX168讯 人民币兑美元即期周一早盘大涨逾600点,创年内新高,中间价亦升值近200点,创近1个半月新高。   美元 人民币询价系统午盘报6.5061,上一交易日收报6.5755。美元 人民币央行中间价定为6.5118,上一交易日中间价为6.5314。人民币兑美元即期成交额为72.38亿美元,上一交易日半日为61亿美元。   海外无本金交割远期外汇(NDF)市场上,美元 人民币一年期品种最新报在6.7470,上一交易日尾盘为6.7545。香港的离岸美元 人民币即期最新报在6.50856.5095元, 上一交易日尾盘报6.5090。   中国外汇交易中心今日11:00更新的人民币兑美元参考汇率为6.5168。   交易员称,今日人民币大涨主因春节期间国际美元调整以及离岸人民币(CNH)大涨所致,在美元指数调整且离岸与在岸价差不大时逐渐提升汇率弹性或是较好时机,市场会更关注的后续中间价如何表现。   交易员并指出,中国央行行长周小川仍强调人民币对一篮子货币保持稳定,亦助力缓和贬值预期;而今日中国海关最新贸易顺差数据虽创出历史最高纪录,但数据对外汇市场影响有限;节后客户购汇还款对市场的影响亦暂未体现。   中国外汇交易中心(CFETS)周一公布,2月5日的人民币汇率指数为99.23,较前周下跌0.92%,较2014年底下跌0.77%,这是该指数公布以来第二次跌破100关口,但整体仍持稳。   中国央行行长周小川日前表示,当前中国国际收支状况良好,国际竞争力仍很强,跨境资本流动处于正常区间,人民币汇率对一篮子货币保持了基本稳定,还有所升值,不存在持续贬值的基础。   国际汇市方面,美联储主席叶伦此前在国会出席听证会反复强调美联储没有“预制的政策路径”,即便鉴于美国就业市场强劲以及经济其他亮点的出现,她目前仍预期今年将会逐步升息。中国春节期间全球市场进一步下挫,外界愈发怀疑美联储能否继续推进其货币政策“正常化”进程。   北京时间13:09,美元 人民币报6.4904。在岸人民币即期汇率累计升值幅度超过700点。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: