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Travel-and-Leisure About fifty-six years ago MEXICANA Airlines saw potential in the area. At that time AEROMEXICO monopolized the flights between Mexico City and Acapulco. Hoping to convert Puerto Vallarta into Guadalajara’s weekend resort, MEXICANA received the franchise in 1954 and began promoting Vallarta. A few travel writers did articles on it, but it remained an out-of-the-way, quiet spot for relaxation. The first runway was gravel and the aircraft of the day were DC-4s . Before that a small strip existed in the area know as Palo Seco (now Versailles) but could only handle Beech 18s which were operated by the Fierro Brothers, Mexicos answer to the bush pilot. This airport which is the present location of the new modern jet port was separated from the town (then just a sleepy fishing village), by a dirt road. The road from TEPIC stopped on the Nayarit side as there was no bridge until many years later. The only decent hotel was the Posada Vallarta (now known as the KYSTAL) was located off of the dirt road roughly half way to town. Another hotel consisting of Cabanas called Suites Las Glorias ran by a Dutch lady and her sister. Terry and Helena. Terry later wrote a book about her .ing to Vallarta and how she was swindled out of her property which is now Plaza Genova. Again things were very quiet especially without a road into the village which in 1960 boasted about 45 cars total. However all that changed in 1963 when John Huston decided to shoot the film "Night of the Iguana" in Puerto Vallarta. Along with him came Richard Burton, Ava Gardener, Elizabeth Taylor (who wasn’t in the movie) and the gossip-hungry Hollywood reporters. By the time the movie was finished the romance between Liz and Dick had been celebrated universally and Puerto Vallarta had be.e a landmark. Droves of people came just to see where this famous couple had fallen in love but were soon charmed by the quaint, delightful resort. The droves kept .ing but now because they heard what a lovely spot Puerto Vallarta was and what a unique climate it enjoyed. Even then as now the two chief attributes to this lovely resort are a) the friendliness of the people and b) the unique climate. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: