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Arts-and-Entertainment A Giclee canvas print is ideal as a gift item. The printing is done on high resolution large format digital inkjet printers using fade resistant inks and dyes. The finished prints will be as elegant as the original. The giclee canvas prints will have all the tonalities and hues of the original work. There will be no visible dot screen patterns. There are two main criteria for giclee that helps to guarantee long lasting archival quality prints. The first criterion is that the printing must be done using pigmented inks, not dye inks used in a number of inkjet printers. The second criterion is that the media printed on should ideally be a 100% cotton rag paper, cotton canvas or fine-art watercolor paper or art paper. Giclee canvas printing gives emphasis to versatility. These prints are acid free, use pigmented ink and are highly strong, thereby extending the life of the canvas prints. There is no doubt that giclee printing is the primary option for customers who are looking for better-quality fine art prints at a very reasonable cost. One best and unique gift that you can give them this holiday season are Canvas Prints. So what are Canvas Prints? Definition is Canvas Prints are also known as stretched canvas or canvas art, this is the result of an image which is printed in a canvas or gallery wrapped in a frame. This process of printing Canvas Prints is called Giclee. Canvas Prints materials can be cotton or cheaper plastic. If your Canvas Prints measures 60 inches and more, modern large printers can be used. Most of the time, if a Canvas Prints is made for a wall decoration, it weights 400gsm. Canvas Prints can be used anywhere in your home. You can display it in your walls, doors or even small Canvas Prints in your tables. See, it can make your house look prettier and better with these designs. You can also have Canvas Prints as a gift to your love ones this .ing holiday season. Instead of the usual gifts this Christmas, you can order your canvas prints for your love ones. With the latest technology today, even your oldest photos, those that have damages can be restored. And if you want, it can be edited as well. Make your house more colorful and attractive or your office table or office desk lovelier and live, canvas prints is the answer and such a perfect give this .ing holiday season. These are also wonderful gift options for many occasions such as housewarming, anniversaries and weddings; you can purchase canvas photo prints that .e with various special features. Framed canvas photo prints available in attractive colors and sizes can uniquely personalize your walls. Printing your photos on canvas is the perfect way to turn your personal memories into wonderful pieces of art. Any category of digital photos – kids, family, holiday snaps, sporting activities, special occasions, favorite hobbies or baby photos can be easily transformed into stunning canvas prints with the support of printing .panies active in the market. Canvas photos can be printed in a variety of desired sizes; moreover, you can also choose from a number of excellent framing techniques. Canvas photo prints can be made to have a modern or classical look according to your preference. Canvas Art is the latest trend in the field of painting. More and more people are starting to prefer using canvas arts for different purposes like interior decoration, advertising, gifts, etc. Converting photos to canvas are one of the most popular uses to which canvas art is being put to. This has be.e even easier thanks to digital photography which has enabled us to take photographs anywhere we want and without the pre-requisite of technical know-how of photography. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: