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UnCategorized Here is the scenario. Leigh has an on line business. She is confident that she is using the right keywords as she is using tools to do that. Her web sites content are full of those keywords and phrases. She is making a lot of changes in her web page though which makes it very inconsistent. She is not also using a keyword tracking tool despite her friends advice. She is wondering why despite making sure she has all those words and phrases people are supposedly searching for, she is still not earning so well. What could be her problem? Basically, it is something that her friend knows. If Leigh was just observant, and well, a good listener, she would realize that following her friends advice would be the best thing for her to do. She is not tracking her web sites performance in the search engines and she is making a lot of changes, how will she be able to rank well in the return searches? Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a way where people, especially those with on line businesses can make use of search engines to reach out to as large an audience they can have. The SEO is the process at which people can make sure they land on top of the search engines list of sites in the return search. People use this as a way to reach out to clients that can buy their items or services. In this process, people with web sites make use of the keywords and phrases that people are hitting on the search button of their search engines. When people get to see your site on top of the list, they are likely to follow that link and they are likely to purchase your products or avail of your services. However, it does not mean that because you are sure that you have the right phrases and words, you can already be sure that you are on the top spot, most likely, you can never be sure because of the tough .petition in this media. It would be best that you have a keyword tracking tool. This tracks the phrases or keywords that you launched so you can be sure where you are ranking. When you are not tracking your contents ranking, you are likely to believe that you are ranking so high when all the while you are not. This will only make you in a worse situation. When you track those keywords and phrases and you get to see where you are standing in the tight .petition, you can do measures to either stay on top or vie to get into the top. Remember that the key here is that you stay on top. Most peoples mistake is that they tend to be very .placent without really factoring in the risk of getting out scored by .petitors. This is a very tough world and if you are not pulling out your best shoes forward, you will not go far. Had Leigh used the keyword tracking tool, she would have known where she stood in the .petition and do the necessary measures to counter that situation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: