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Web-Development Can you think of a website which is without a database? It is used to maintain the various records of a website. Which customer is buying which products and how many products are being sold each day all goes to the record table of the websites database. It is the storehouse of various records of the organization. The entry, retrieval and editing of various types of data takes place here. Moreover not only the admin but others too can administer the DB from home, office or from anywhere else. The first and foremost thing that must be kept in mind is to choose the perfect database platform. There are various DBMS available in the market today like the MySql , Oracle, Microsoft SQL server etc. The type of DB you choose for your website must be compatible with the various languages and technologies you used to build your web applications on like ASP, .NET, PHP etc. You can use the Oracle DB for J2EE applications. Moreover databases can be accessed from any platform including PCs, desktops and laptops etc. The main advantages of DBMS are its high accessibility, platform independence, easy-to- do ways, and high standards of graphics and user interface. The main goal behind creating a DB is to create tables and insert, delete and update various information into them. There are three database languages available. They are: DDL (Data definition language) DML ( Data manipulation language) DCL (Database control language) Let us get acquainted with some of the basic terms related to a database: Data are the raw bits of information that are stored in the tables and they have some implicit meaning. For example Jayee is a data and it indicates a name. Information is a collection of data in an organized form. Next we need to know what a database is actually. It is a collection of data with some meaning. Now we must have a clear idea about what a database management tool is actually? It is a set of programs and tools that allows the users to maintain the database table efficiently. Some of the key points that a database must surely have: DB queries are a very important part of the DBMS. Without writing the proper queries how can you retrieve certain information from your huge database? Or how can you insert, update and delete information into or from your database? The database management system must look after the proper security of the data which are there within the tables. Think of what would happen if a secret or very important information fall into the hands of your enemy or some unscrupulous person? It is necessary that your DB must provide you the facility of computation of various mathematical calculations because maximum businesses require complicated mathematical and statistical applications. Concurrency control must be ensured in every DBMS to ensure the proper transaction of data. Various web development companies make strong and secure database for various websites to protect the important information so that the information do not fall into the wrong hands. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: