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SEO Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned veteran of internet marketing reciprocal link building can still help you out initially. Reciprocal building is nothing but exchanging links with other similar websites in order to gain link juice. Even though one way backlinking is highly preferred as far as the search engines go, reciprocal linking can give you a good head start. Linking with only those sites that are relevant is ultra important to help start your referral traffic too. Gaining backlinks in other ways might prove more beneficial. Your site will suffer if you use this method too much. You should do the research to see where you might find link partners, even consider using direct email. The methodology of reciprocal linking was at one point very popular and everyone was doing it. It wasn’t so long ago, before search engines became smarter, that reciprocal linking was the preferred linking method. With places like Squidoo and Hub Pages you can build high quality backlinks. The plus point with these services is that you can create your own page, add content along with your links in only a few minutes. Choosing a text anchor can be done quickly with these type services. The biggest advantage you have with these services is that you have .plete control over the content and the links that you add. You can change your links any time you want and it doesn’t take much effort to really maintain these pages. This is a good, free way to create backlinks for your site that are actually counted by Google and the other search engines. Another way to get good backlinks to your site is by sending out press releases. If you submit a press release about your product, service or website to a distribution service, it can get published on a variety of press release sites. Press releases are great for backlinks because the search engines consider such links very relevant as well as unique. Nor do these backlinks cost you anything. There are several services that you can use to distribute your press releases, including PRLeap and PRWeb. Include your website or product’s USP in your press release before you send it out for distribution. This will enable your press release to reach more sites and gain more backlinks for you. Altogether, the hints we shared above can allow your link-building venture a new boos if you put them to use. Be sure you don’t indulge in any blackhat or dishonest link-building techniques because that will just destroy all your hard work. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: