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Weight-Loss Even if it is possible to lose weight by dieting alone, it would be more ideal to create an extra dimension of weight loss by adding an exercise regime with the existing dieting plan. Exercise can also add emotional and mental stability apart from enhancing weight loss. Pilates (pronounced: puh-lah-teez) is a form of exercise that has .e a long way into the modern world. Practicing Pilates along with a good dieting plan may help a person to achieve the weight loss goals so that they don"t resort to any crash diets to lose weight fast. Pilates is an exercise designed by a German named Joseph H. Pilates, in the twentieth century. This form of exercise is different from other aerobics as it is considered as a low impact method, as it is a gentle exercise to restore the lost posture. For this reason Pilates can be done by people of any age, sex or in any condition such as injured, athlete as well as overweight. Pilates aims on correct body movements which is integrated with mind and breathing. So a person doing Pilates should be totally involved in thoughts about the movements of the body as well as breathing. Weight loss Pilates can be practiced alone or in .bination with cardio weight loss program. It is necessary to maintain a log book from day one of starting Pilates, to enter details such as the initial weight, date, target weight, the schedule of time allocated for work outs. This will help in tracking the progress and also enables to plan and make improvements so as to take the exercises to the next higher level. The log book enables to spot even a smaller level of success, which motivates a person to a large extent. While starting Pilates for weight loss exercise regime it is necessary not to exert or overstrain as it might hurt a person or even result in sprains. One should start with not more than five to ten minutes a day. Decide precisely on which movements to be performed and the number of times it has to be repeated also the sequence in which one workout follows the other. If at any point you feel exhausted there is nothing wrong in taking a break and relaxing for some time before you resume. Remember your main goal is weight loss and is not necessary to increase your stamina. It is always necessary to consult a physician before taking up any exercise especially if you have any history of previous illness or injury. To learn the movements of Pilates one can initially start with a reputed Pilates studio or appoint an experienced instructor; there are also many online coaching classes or the best thing is to get Pilates weight loss dvd instructions manual and a person is good to go at home at your convenient timings. People with irregular working hours will find exercising at home a lot more convenient than going to a Pilates studio. Pilates weight loss may involve equipments or mat alone. If you intend to use equipment then reserve it for the second part of your exercise schedule, and also reduce the resistance level to almost zero when you are initially starting with equipment. This be.es easy for a person to burn some fat initially while developing muscles. Though our primary goal is weight loss, but once when certain muscles are developed, it would help in burning more fat. As a rule of the thumb, if more muscles are involved, more fat would be burnt, leading to an increased weight loss. The founder of this exercise re.mends Pilates everyday for at least ten minutes, which happens to be the best frequency, one may, with little .promise do it at four times a week. But also remember anything is better than nothing. Involving Pilates for weight loss, more frequently is better than involving in long duration workouts. Pilates is not practiced for gaining huge muscles but to have a slender and lean body shape. Pilates is also re.mended for weight loss. Any body movements that can burn energy can be performed for weight loss while Pilates has an extra edge over other forms of exercises as it involves deep breathing. Deep breathing supplies more oxygen to your tissues which is required to burn energy. Oxygen is required wherever energy is being burnt it doesn’t matter whether it is human body or a car. It is also a well accepted fact that people with improper breathing habits develop a low metabolism because their tissues do not get sufficient oxygen to burn energy, which in turn can lead to weight gain. Pilates restores faster metabolism by eliminating such imbalance due to improper breathing habits. Pilates always aims to strengthen the core muscles of the body: the muscles of the abdomen, pelvic and that of the back. Though fat gets deposited through out the body, it is these regions (abdomen, pelvic and the back) that have to be worked out to lose weight fast. Choose a variety of workouts so that each and every part of your body gets its due work and as you know your body better, concentrate on areas with more bulge. During workouts get the mind involved to consciously feel the movements of each and every muscle of the body. Involving the mind can work wonders for a person in achieving their weight loss goal. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: