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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews If you’ve been searching for a camcorder to use for those extra special occasions, look no further than the CANON VIXIA HF200 HD flash memory series. Even a beginner videographer will look like a pro when recording videos with the VIXIA HF200. It has the style and durability which Canon products have .e to be known for. It’s perfect for producing high-quality outdoor and indoor hi-definition videos. Because of the camcorder’s portability, recording events such as graduations, weddings, birthday parties, and concerts are not only easier but more enjoyable. As with all Canon products, quality and functionality are at a top grade. But the HF200 has certain qualities that widen the gap between its .petitors. It features 15x optical zoom that doesn’t affect the quality of the videos. With that kind of zoom it makes any event seem like you are sitting on the front row. The video quality is beautiful on all TV screens, from LCD to Toshiba. With its .pact size but powerful abilities, it is hard to believe the price .pares to other similar camcorders of lesser quality. The HF200 also is equipped with an optical stabilizer that provides a needed function for those camera holders with a relatively shaky hand when recording. The camcorder provides the basic user-friendly software that makes uploading and editing easier. The lightweight ergonomic design fits .fortably in your palm, freeing you from strain and dis.fort. It is equipped with a powerful stereo microphone that can pick up the smallest of sounds. It has a satisfactory manual focus, and its exposure control works wonders. With an impressive digital zoom of 300x and an optical zoom of 15x, the HF200 Canon is definitely worth the investment. .pared to other camcorders with its zoom qualities, it is nearly half the price with matching functionality. The HF200 Canon is equipped with many positive features, but as with all products it has its faults. The overall performance of the camcorder is great, but a wider angle capability would make the recording process more enjoyable. A small problem that seems to plague all camcorders is the quality level in low light, and although this camera has a high-quality rating it lacks a lowly lit setting. Although the software provided is user-friendly, it does not provide the needed efficiency. It lacks variety with its editing and provides only the ability to transfer videos with a few basic editing options. Other inadequacies include difficulty with using the record button, since it does not .e packaged with a standalone charger. Additionally, it accepts only class 4 and class 6 of higher-end SD cards. With the HF200 Canon camcorder you will receive a high-quality picture and impeccable performance. The many features it possesses will keep you satisfied with its consistency. The HF200 will make every occasion even more memorable. It also grants you the opportunity to go back and watch those special events in premier HD quality. When looking for a camcorder that provides more than what you need for a quality price, look no further than the Canon Vixia HF200 HD Camcorder. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: