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A personal touch is what you’ll find at The Ruffly Rose, a local Denver flower shop offering custom arrangements to make every occasion special. Interviewer: Were here today with Emily Grisley Rodriguez with the Ruffly Rose. Emily thank you so much for joining us today, its a pleasure having you. Emily: Thanks for having me. Interviewer: So now you do custom floral arrangements? Tell me a little bit about that Emily: I do. Well the arrangements that I create at my shop are all custom made, meaning each arrangement is different, you know, they are not the same, I can have a customer call me and say I would like an arrangement full of all white tulips and pink roses and I want it big and showy and thats what they’re going to get. I can have another customer call and say I want all blue hydrangeas with yellow sunflowers and thats what they’re going to get. So its really nice to be able to have a direction from my customers and it allows me to kind of use my creativity as well and not one arrangement is going to be the same, so yeah. Interviewer: How fun. Now do you do a lot of weddings as well? Emily: I do. I do a lot of weddings; and we actually just were voted best wedding flowers on Denvers A-List for 2011 and 2012. Interviewer: Congratulations. Emily: Thank you. Interviewer: Thats wonderful. Emily: Thanks. Interviewer: Now your motto is flowers and frills so tell us about all the fun gifts that you carry? Emily: Well, yes, we have tons of fun gifts. A lot of things are locally made here in Denver and that makes it really fun because you know its not something that you can just go out to the mall or to Target or something like that and we also have things like cookbooks and candles and lots of things if you wanted to pick up a gift to accompany your flowers. Interviewer: Wonderful. Emily: Yeah. Interviewer: What do you do for the holidays, what are some of the special things you can do? Emily: Well you know for big holidays, big floral holidays such as Valentines Day and Mothers Day we do flowers and plants and gift baskets and we deliver, the whole nine yards, but then also for other holidays like Christmas we go and decorate peoples houses. Interviewer: Wow. Emily: Yeah, Easter we, you know decorate churches so, we basically do it all. Interviewer: Do everything? Emily: Yeah. Interviewer: Thats wonderful. Now you’re located in the Old South Pearl district which is just an amazing area. Emily: Yeah. Emily: It is the Old South Pearl Street is such a gem, it is just full of eclectic little shops and the people who live in the neighborhood are – they just make it, everyones so friendly and after being open now for about a year and a half its like people who come in are my friends because I have so many repeat customers and its just a nice place to be everyday. Interviewer: And its so important to shop at small businesses. Emily: It definitely is, it is and I’m so thankful for the people that you know call or come in and say, they make it a point I’m shopping local, I want to support the small guy because it is difficult to compete with big grocery stores and the big-big stores because at my store and the other small businesses every purchase counts even if its a small $0.25 piece of candy, its helping and going directly into the community. Interviewer: Wonderful. Emily: Yeah. Interviewer: So tell us how clients can get in touch with you. Emily: I love it when my customers come in and say hi, we are located at 1611 South Pearl Street, but they can also call me at 720-596-4030. My website has a lot of information. I also have a Facebook page and they can follow me on Twitter. Interviewer: Perfect. Emily thank you so much for joining us today it was great learning more about your store. Emily: Thank you, thanks for having me. Interviewer: Again this Emily Grisley Rodriguez with Ruffly Rose. About the Author: At First Search Video our mission is simple. We want to increase awareness for your business and develop new sales for you through a combination of video syndication and internet relevance building at an affordable price. We do the heavy lifting from production to web syndication using our proven techniques. Let us help you reach First in Search with Video. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Business 相关的主题文章: