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666! The new Deng Chao movie Avatar radio DJ God dubbing popular network Sina entertainment news by Deng Chao [micro-blog] starring film "the year of emotional passing from your world" on September 29th, the National Archives released, the film actor "DJ Chen end", also let the super brother show amazing voice skills, the voice of God "the return" fragments after the popular network, held yesterday at the world premiere of "Deng Chao", and the incarnation of DJ, say love to sing love songs Biao English multiple modes of seamless handoff, causing users to exclaim "super voice heard addicted brother". Fortunately, the day to participate in the premiere of the film industry insiders and fans are also reflected in the warm, many people said, serious brother really handsome!" "Was the elder brother’s several eyes electricity to". The incarnation of Deng Chao radio DJ release voice radio song "charm" re interpretation of MV’s exposure to the premiere conference site, Deng Chao cool leather appearance, Chen incarnation of radio DJ at the end of the first stage FM9.29 opened a "passing from your world" prologue "radio movie of the same name, today you pass who, who lost" you rang, originally noisy conference site suddenly became quiet, immersed in the sound of mood, but erratic ultra brother wind to play Biao outside the famous "Deng Xian tyrants" English, explosion of laughter again and again. The most surprising is that is Deng Chao re interpretation of the classic repertoire "radio song", only a short song also let people enjoy the less professional singers voice charm, the conference site notice the song MV will be launched in the near future, many fans look forward to the spark ignited. The voice of Deng Chaoshen popular network was praised "666" "World Premiere" audience "Deng Chao contracted everything" in "passing from your world" premiere the same day, Deng Chao in the program who played five corners "return" fragments of dub Mahatma popular network, but in 1 minutes, Deng Chao. In a different tone with a jiangliuer simple, "Mahatma" heroic spirit, the "master" of the vicissitudes of life, "the Lich King chaos" and "sinister pig" adorable, even even word interpretation of gas in place, the video caused by the introduction of the crowd of potential "lines. Good skills" and "stay" was 666". That is, in Deng Chao’s upcoming film "the world", he is played by a radio DJ dealing with voice with thousands of households, in yesterday’s premiere of the movie, a lot of the first viewing of the masses expressed "serious – so people want to express" is the "super brother some look handsome to members of the media industry," the concept of the movie "Deng Chao contracted all praise". (commissioning editor: litchi)相关的主题文章: