74 years of Xisha naval battle is considered to be a rare battle in the history of modern naval warf-misao

74 years of the battle of Xisha why is considered rare in the history of modern warfare combat core tip: at this time both guns were useless, 389 ship captain Shaw a grenade: Germany million! At that time, the ship was fitted with several boxes of grenades, ready to keep the island militia sent, then came in handy. So China sailors to a series of hand grenade all flurry and confusion on the South Vietnamese 10 ship, who took 10 ship submachine gun to fire, even end up anti tank rocket ship launch more alignment! That the South Vietnamese press briefing "in the use of missiles". In the field of modern naval history rare boarding in South Vietnam, the No. 10 ship captain was killed on the spot. This paper from the Xisha naval information: people.com.cn, author: Ji Peng, the original title: China – Vietnam War: the race of the 19 on the morning of 1974, excerpt, the ship dispatched soldiers were landing Chenhang island and island wide, garrison militia fired decisively, the South Vietnamese soldiers rush back. By 8:15, China 396 naval fleet intercepted 16 ship transfer airlines to South Vietnam, straight to 396 ships rushed to try to force the 396 ship rudder. This is a steel is more than 396 ships will test, undaunted, straight against the tonnage of 4 times their own opponents rushed. The last moment, 16 ship to escape, but the bow still hit 396 ships, the latter, a command port link and crashed minesweeping. Landing operation after the setback, the South Vietnamese Navy 4 ships at the same time to occupy a favorable position after the maneuver battle formation to the Chinese ships, four Chinese ships also hype yingshangqu. The Chinese naval ship will enter more large caliber guns of the dead, the South Vietnamese fleet finally fired! At 10:22, the ship fired South Vietnam to China at the same time, the Chinese Gunners also press the button, the foot shot from a cannon firing, we almost at the same time. The first shot of both sides is in sight stabilization launch, played very well, both sides of the 8 ships were hit, China 274 boats hit the podium, political commissar Feng Songbai, vice captain Zhou Xitong died on the spot. Fleet Command decisive command continued to speed near the enemy, by means of a melee fight with the enemy. The South Vietnamese Navy tried to pull away their remote cannons, but Chinese Navy small boat speed, the ship’s starboard clippers phase, the Chinese ships installed in the first boat boat tail of double 25, 37 small caliber gun bullets with fast firing rate, as to their ships in the sea south Vietnam ground quickly upset. The ship was like huge bull hound siege, although Wei violently but action inconvenience, large caliber gun, slow speed, and the Chinese ships in the fire of the dead, not near the ship, many more are in the shell to its own warships. According to the established plan, 271 Chinese, 274 boats designed toward 4 ship hit South Vietnam, the Bridge No. 4 ship soon smoke, quickly fled, 5 ship immediately from the side of the boat chase intercept 274, 274 boats braved the hail of bullets at the enemy, from 1000 meters has hit 300 meters, the ship the main gun was playing dumb, the Navy colonel was seriously wounded. The other two minesweepers 389, 396 ships are also close to the south of No. 10, No. 16 ship near the shoot, soon the fire bomb, 389 command ship.相关的主题文章: