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After 90 girls suddenly came out of the name of the company 6 girls: this pot I do not back – Kunming, a 90 girl, suddenly found himself became a legal person or major shareholder of the 6 companies…… She’s scared! The 6 companies registered capital of 9 million yuan, thousands of miles away in Shenzhen, of course, this is not the point, the point is that she has not opened the company, others fraudulent use of her identity registration of the company! "These companies I did not open, but the legal person registered in the business sector or major shareholders is I, if these companies do some illegal things, but I don’t come back?" Ms. Lu said the parties, she has been reported in Kunming and Shenzhen police. Too strange 90 suddenly "rich" with 6 companies in 18 days this month, Ms. Lu to a bank loan in Kunming. In the audit data, the bank found that 6 companies in her name (both in Shenzhen), that she is the risk of users, business loans daliaoshuipiao. As a 90, she has never been to Shenzhen, how would there be 6 companies in Shenzhen? Ms. Lu in the industry and Commerce Department website inquiries, and found that their identity is indeed a number of industrial and commercial sectors in Shenzhen registered 6 companies, there are building materials companies, commercial companies, as well as advertising companies. From the industrial and commercial registration information, she is the legal person of the two companies, 4 major shareholders of the company. The registered address of the 6 companies, respectively, in the New District of Shenzhen, Futian District, Nanshan District, Longhua, including almost all jurisdiction under the jurisdiction of the city of Shenzhen. From the registered capital, ranging from 1 million yuan to 2 million yuan, the registered capital of the company reached 6 yuan. Let Ms. Lu feel strange is that the company’s registration time are very close, only in January 5th this year, there are 3 companies at the same time respectively in Shenzhen city under the jurisdiction of the 3 district level Department of industry and Commerce registration. After January 6th and 8, her identity information appeared again in the registration of the business sector, the last company, is registered on the day of the year in January 22nd. If she is very worried about a company not back within a few days, their identity information frequently being false registered company, Ms. Lu suspected that their identity information has been leaked, was wanton trading on the internet. However, she did not know how to disclose their identity information. She is more worried about the company, since her fraudulent use of identity information to register, certainly not do serious business, if these companies do some illegal things, as a legal person or a major shareholder, she did not want to take the blame? The annoying thing is more than that, she also found that to the bank for two days before, their identity information is opened a bank account in Jilin Changchun at the end of last year, and this accounts opened online banking business. My name is registered so many companies, also be false to open an account in the bank, this let Ms. Lu feel alarmed, how to do? On September 18th, she dialed Shenzhen Department of industry and commerce, 12315 telephone complaints, the company had to report false registration. Up to now, only the business sector in Longgang gave her a reply: Note Jane相关的主题文章: