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A: can play a fast, but the main character can not be absent – Sohu comments early in the morning, handsome brother found his circle of friends and the client is a scraper. The last time it was brushed or eight months ago, the cause is a very familiar with the company is very fast. Careful search, the original is a heavy news: our case will be heard again. That is because the distance is contrary to expectation, the last session had been eight months, many people thought that Wang Xin and others waiting for a verdict; that is reasonable, because the first trial is lively and busy but exciting to say. After all, the court is not a show, skills and feelings only when small, facts and evidence should become the protagonist. Can a play, but the protagonist can not be absent. The first trial to recall the case Nora, handsome brother or deep impression, especially the lawyers "overbearing" situation, in the scene is spectacular, after all 10:2 against the situation, even to say the same words, a sentence has ten times by the addition of the audience they want not so difficult. To say that the public prosecutor is also enough sad reminder, to the enemy does not mean to say, obviously he is a legal person, but to talk about technology; obviously to use evidence to speak, but was robbed of the limelight. In the last trial, the public prosecutor is conservative, law-abiding, not good enough. So some people questioned the lack of capacity, handsome brother do not believe, Haidian procuratorate to the talent pool, for this case should not our attention, and the judicial examination pass rate there, have excellent ability also don’t want to get too, "as one of the stand people drinking water, lengnuanzizhi; others blamed prosecutors not fully prepared, it is somewhat likely, after all a judicial case is often not the legal issues, to make such a large coffee Wang Xin confession, white technology is clearly insufficient. Look at this morning to Nora case second times arraigned, handsome brother does not want to see the people suddenly angry with a big criticism after the rehearsal show complete counterattack; don’t want to see a defender again in a fancy defense defeat reason argument, the trial is the trial, or legal evidence and sing the protagonist is. Fortunately, the two hearing Nora still chose to live the whole process, which has to say that greatly exceeded the expectations of natural gas. Perhaps, quietly directly under the court verdict is the most prudent choice; perhaps, to engage in a closed debate is more familiar with the public prosecutor; however, all this did not happen. The experience of the first broadcast of the "strike", have the courage to continue judicial open court process, the prosecutor has the courage to debate again facing all the netizens and the defender, these can be seen as a justice in progress. As the saying goes: no matter how many miles. Don’t dream about what you can change overnight, see what’s going on, and make it real. It may be questioned the live no longer engage in the whole video, but the entire graphic, than the first time. The first trial is also very concerned about the fun of natural gas, but there is no time, no patience to read up to two days of court!相关的主题文章: