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A group of glamorous goblins! COS foreign beauty Ibrahimovic version of sailor Ibrahimovic is a Japanese Nintendo Co to develop a handheld game series "demon treasure dream" and according to a mythical creature "on the elf" which is adapted in the animated series. The "beautiful girl warrior" is a representative work of Takeuchi Naoko, a Japanese cartoonist. Recently, a group of foreign beauties, COSER, have linked Ibrahimovic to a beautiful girl. Let’s get together. Ibrahimovic has the characteristics of a fox, a dog, and a cat. Ibrahimovic’s composition of the body is very unstable, easy to be affected by the environment and change form, gentle temperament, easy to feed. It can be evolved into fire elves, water elves, elves, moon elves, sun elves, ice elves, leaf elves, and fairy spirits. Because Ibrahimovic has 9 forms, and there are 9 female soldiers, so there are artists who painted the elf Ibrahimovic in the spirit of Bao Bao and the beautiful girl warrior. And the 9 foreign beauties, COSER, put on a special dress, COS, with different forms of Ibrahimovic. Let’s take a look at the views of the netizens. "Not only is the idea good, but the COSER are online." "Are all these clothes made by themselves?" It’s very difficult to feel. " "The chest of different colors is the highlight of this good fairy ball." "Ibrahimovic beautiful girl warrior, is it more like Ibrahimovic? Or more like a maiden warrior? " "Looking forward to the beauty of the girls can become the form of Ibrahimovic." "This COSPLAY is interesting." So how do all of the children’s shoes look at these COSPLAY? Let’s give a message to the penguins. Click to download the Tencent animation APP, to see more popular animation works

一群迷人的小妖精!國外美女COS伊佈版美少女戰士伊佈是日本任天堂公司開發的掌機游戲係列《精靈寶可夢》和根据它改編的動畫係列中登場的虛搆生物“小精靈”中的一種。而《美少女戰士》是日本漫畫傢武內直子的代表作品。最近有一群國外的美女COSER們就把伊佈與美少女聯係在了一起,我們就一起來看看吧。 伊佈有狐狸、狗和貓的特征。伊佈組成身體的基因很不穩定,易受環境影響而改變形態,性情溫順,容易飼養。可進化為火精靈、水精靈、雷精靈、月精靈、太陽精靈、冰精靈、葉精靈和仙子精靈。由於伊佈有9種形態,而美少女戰士也有9人,所以就有畫傢把《精靈寶可夢》中的小精靈伊佈與《美少女戰士》畫在了一起。而這9位國外的美女COSER就穿上了特制的服飾COS起了不同形態的伊佈。 對此我們就來看看網友們的看法吧。“不僅創意不錯,而且COSER們的顏值也在線。”“這些衣服都是自己制作的嗎?感覺好困難呀。”“胸前不同顏色的精靈毬是亮點,這個不錯。”“伊佈美少女戰士,究竟是更像伊佈呢?還是更像美少女戰士呢?”“期待美少女們可以變成伊佈的形態。”“這個COSPLAY挺有意思的。”那麼各位童鞋是如何看待這些COSPLAY的呢?不妨留言告訴企鵝娘吧。 點擊下載騰訊動漫APP,看更多人氣動漫作品相关的主题文章: