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A house was the other man to help stop the neighbor dispute the stabbing – Beijing man stabbed residential court case to block the dead wife and children court claims more than 57 yuan JINGWAH Times News (reporter Yang Fenglin) east three flags Changping District village Cui Fen (a pseudonym) to flip the controversial housing lots, worried neighbor block, then please cousin Mao Guodong the organization construction, and agreed to cover profit after two people sharing. After construction, many people are neighbors entangled with each other Mao Guodong block, and a dispute will be one of them dies. Yesterday morning, the city intermediate people’s court hearing the case. Accused of intentional assault should be held accountable at 10:20 yesterday morning, the city intermediate people’s court hearing the case. The 33 year old Mao Guodong was brought to court bailiffs. He was wearing a white shirt, dark pants, plump. The wife and son of a deceased man sitting on the plaintiff, serious. A white wife filed lawsuit, Mao Guodong demanded compensation for death, mental damages solatium total of more than 57 yuan. It is understood that Mao Guodong is Changping District’s three Beiqijia Dong village, before the incident without industry. After the alleged crime of intentional injury, in April 6, 2016 by the Changping Public Security Bureau of criminal detention, was arrested in May 14th. Prosecutors alleged that fellow villagers Cui Fen in the disputed area for the purpose of housing flip neighbor Zhao Zhi fear (a pseudonym) and Lin Zhao (a pseudonym) block, and therefore the defendant Mao Guodong agreed by the Mao Guodong organization construction, flip housing profit after two people sharing. After Mao Guodong was attacked by a neighbor clamshell housing organization Zhao Zhi, Lin Zhao block. In April 5, 2016, Zhao Zhi, Lin Zhao and tangled victim white one (male, Jilin people, who died 47 years old) and many people stopped Mao Guodong and hired workers layun muck, the two sides dispute. After Mao Guodong in the three’s Beiqijia No. 325 Dong village of Changping District Hualian life supermarket on the west side, holding a knife stabbed a white chest and abdomen knife, piercing the liver, stomach caused the death of hemorrhagic shock. Prosecutors believe that Mao Guodong deliberately hurt others body caused death, should be held criminally responsible for intentional injury. That is just to help build no money on the court, Mao Guodong has no objection to the prosecution of the accused, he said Cui Fen is the cousin, he called her grandmother. Because they know how to build a house, so Cui Fen asked him to help cover the house. "They say the neighbor Zhao Zhi is a part of their family home base, but in fact the land dispute is public. Cui Fen is in their own homestead within the scope of cover." Mao Guodong said. Mao Guodong recalls, he took people flip houses, Zhao Zhi two or three times with people who come to stop. To this end, he hit the alarm call, looking for Land Authority, the court, the answer is to go to court for civil disputes. The village committee said it should not exceed the disputed place, can be covered in their own homestead. In April 6, 2016 13, Zhao Zhi, Lin Zhao et al Mao Guodong et al mustered the white block pulling muck. "Zhao Zhi took four or five men, holding iron bars, shovels and other tools, in the alley, don’t let us pull muck." Mao Guodong said he used to negotiate.相关的主题文章: