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A man opened the "black car" detained the driver threw a baby run away – Beijing Nanchang newspaper (reporter Cai Yinghui) with Nanchang Wanda open playground, every weekend there are a lot of people, accordingly, to the "black car showmanship" is also increasing. In September 25th, Nanchang City Management Office of law enforcement personnel to carry out remediation, results in the investigation of the first "black car", was embarrassed…… Day 15, the Department of law enforcement officers in the Wanda Mao next to the bus station found a van is loaded. For the sake of safety, law enforcement officers to the nearby West Railway Station Square before the red light when it stopped. After opening the van door, the reporter saw the load of 7 vehicles, and even a total of the driver installed a total of 12 people. When law enforcement officers on the vehicle passengers forensics investigation, the driver of the car to a more than 1 months old baby lost in the copilot position, shouting: "you want to buckle my car, put my child buckle!" Then sped away. The presence of law enforcement officers helpless. "Such a small baby in the car, the weather was hot, have a good how to do?" Nanchang City Management Office inspection responsible person said, the child when the chips threatening law enforcement officers. It is the first time meet. Subsequently, law enforcement officers called the relevant person in charge of the police station and West Railway Station comprehensive management office, hoping to find the driver or the driver by their families. When we discuss countermeasures, had slept in the copilot of the baby woke up and cried, the law enforcement officers on the scene were panic. Finally an older player picked up the baby to coax. At this point, in the help of the people, not far away the driver was also found back. However, he still refused to pick up their children, to put his car away, he was willing to pick up their children. From 16 to 17 PM, to persuade the police station earnestly, the driver surnamed Deng finally took the baby sleep soundly, when law enforcement officers dare to leave.相关的主题文章: