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"Absolutely life mushishi" by different insect sting – winning technology — people.com.cn original title: "because of the vast life mushishi" by different insect sting winning   for research; has 300 years of history in the Harvard University Saunders theater, more than 1200 of the audience with the audience in Western dress and leather shoes. They’re waiting for an award ceremony. The edge of the stage is also equipped with a symphony orchestra, at any time for music activities. Schmidt is one of the main characters of the ceremony, he was invited to come to the prize because of a research work. This historic and prestigious university is a place where every scientist wants to visit. Responsible for the award, the Nobel prize winner is admired. "The last prize tonight……" With the announcement of the host, the atmosphere was tense. Subsequently, Schmidt is wearing a bee mask, wearing a black and yellow striped short sleeved on the podium, the audience broke into applause and laughter. This is the day of September 2015, the twenty-fifth Prize Nobel (the Ig Nobel) Awards site. Bug abuse him thousands of times, he dressed as a bee to insects such as the first prize of Schmidt is not intentionally funny, as an insect scientist, he every day and dealing with all kinds of insects. More precisely, it is a biting insect. Because the preparation of a "Schmidt sting pain scale", Schmidt held in the Saunders theater in the Ig Nobel prize ceremony, and make a "sting pain map" another scholar Smith shared the prize in physiology and entomology. Founder Abrahams said, "the Ig Nobel prize to encourage" cannot and should not be on stealing ", the selected standard is very simple," at first glance a laugh, savor, hoping to arouse the public set people thinking "the love of science. "It is an attractive subject that the insect venom causes so much pain." Schmidt said. Schmidt was bitten by 150 insects in 6 continents. His friend said that every person who felt very painful, and Schmidt should live a day, and then decided not to complain. He’s been a pest, and he’s waiting for bugs like first love. Schmidt is not hated, also always concerned about the survival of the worms temperature and humidity, fixed feed, was holding in the hands of fear fell, with the fear of the mouth. The slightest mistake, he will be a sweet kiss your baby bug reward, then "drunk" which can not extricate themselves — these bugs are often able to excrete poison, not fatal, but brings little pain. For ordinary people, will be in the head after shouting pain more carefully, but Schmidt’s first reaction is excited. To scientists, data means everything. Many of the insects he touched were never studied, let alone bite them. Despite all the pain, Schmidt tried to calm down and feel the pain. Of the 150 insects that bite him, there are 83 species in the Schmidt sting pain scale. He was bitten by a bite.相关的主题文章: