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Home-Improvement Peoples perception towards everything change with the passage of time. There was a time when women of the house used to keep their whole house spic and span and paid little attention to their own bedroom. But things have changed for good. A lot of attention is being given to every detail of their own room. Thanks to this reason, the sale of books and magazines giving house adornment ideas has risen in the last few months. The color of the walls, curtains and proper carpeting are no doubt the most essential aspects of making the room beautiful. But a new facet to this is that due significance is given to bedding range and keeping this in mind, many designer outlets are sprouting that offer an unsurpassed assortment of bedding ranges and the most stylish and elegant collection is that of Kylie home range. Some of the designer collections of this range are: Kylie at home antique lace range: Subtle lace trim on a classy silver satin base encapsulates a graceful vintage style. To add an extra stroke of grace, you can layer this with enchanting Antique Lace bolsters, a harmonizing 30×50 cushion and a plush throw to fashion a truly stunning bedroom. For the finishing touches, you can affix Cluster and Adella cushions in soft Dove Grey. Kylie at home Erin Range: Fabricate a bold yet sophisticated statement with the eye-catching flock design that exhibits a striking contrast between the soft gold satin and the strong black detailing, to engineer this elegant design. To give a .plete dramatic look and appeal, you can layer this stylish bed linen with sumptuous black velvet accessories. Kylie at home Gianna: Infuse fine glamour and classiness into your bedroom by embellishing your bed with Gianna bed linen. The tactile waves and pleats of sumptuous truffle satin create beautiful movement and depth. .plete this lavish look with the coordinating quilted satin throw, ornamented with delicate cream pearls. You can layer this design with lavish contrasting velvet cushions, each adorned with their own exceptional diamond encrusted brooches. Kylie at home Safia Range: Make a bold statement in your bedroom with Safia bedlinen. Panels of glistening metallic silver sequins create a sense of drama against the dark sumptuous black satin. Add the black satin quilted throw, embellished with beautiful metallic silver sequins for a further touch of luxury. .plete the look with a gorgeous selection of cushions: Cluster, adorned with a cluster of tiny metallic beads; Tassel, with elegant beaded trim and Safia, heavily embellished with sparkling metallic sequins. Kylie at home Voda Range: You can now add a stroke of sophisticated elegance to your bedroom with the striking Voda bedlinen. White satin ribbon is embroidered onto crisp white bed linen and delicate patterns are fabricated inside the ribbons with an intricate embroidered detail. Tiny diamantes are speckled across the embroidery to add some Kylie glint. Add to it a marvelously quilted white velvet throw with crystal detailing to add the graceful feel. Cushions in soft grey and crisp white velvets with crystal and bead embellishments .plete the refined look. Render a stroke of ingenuity to your bedroom with the classy Kylie home range. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: