Affordable housing fraud to be more accountable

Affordable housing fraud to be more accountable rectification, according to the Central People’s broadcasting station reported that during 12th Five-Year, Heilongjiang shantytowns 1 million 730 thousand units, the total amount of change in the forefront of the country shed. In the province of Bei’an city as an example, from 2009 to 2012 of four years, the government declared penggai number more than 13 thousand, but the four years of Bei’an city penggai data, nearly half of the water. The local in the studio to change the process, multiple violations or illegal operation, suspected of taking the central and provincial special funds shed tens of millions of yuan. Shantytowns in the central city in order to transform the old houses, improve the housing conditions of poor families and the introduction of a popular project. From the statistical data, Heilongjiang penggai total in the country, but the statistics bright does not stand the test of national and provincial towns housing renovation funds missing, ordinary people did not improve the living conditions, this is obviously not a small problem. For the majority of the housing difficulties of the masses of the special funds by some local units taking, misappropriation, even by people who own national low-income housing policy was greatly reduced in some places, where to put the public housing dignity? Heilongjiang Bei’an alleged taking funds shantytowns, such problems in the country is far from the individual. Audit released in 2013, the town of affordable housing project tracking audit results show that some localities and units misappropriated and defrauding the project funds 9 billion 370 million yuan. 2014 urban affordable housing project tracking audit results show that, by taking or misappropriation of funds more than 9 billion 800 million yuan. 2015 affordable housing project tracking audit results to the end of 2015, there are 190 thousand sets of affordable housing due to supporting infrastructure construction lags behind and other reasons can not be delivered in time. Much of the audit results revealed three major problems of security housing construction: hundreds of thousands of units built affordable housing "vacant", tens of billions of yuan of construction funds are idle, tens of thousands of personnel for low-income housing eligibility. Some places do not take special funds to cover low-income housing, even for low-income housing funds, where the government housing security responsibility for the masses? Although the housing consumption has entered the era of market, but especially the nature of housing affordable housing still has a public or quasi public goods, so that the people of "home ownership", the responsibility of the government. To provide affordable housing to the needy, is the responsibility of the government to play. Although the government construction of low-income housing, increase the financial burden, reduce the land revenue, but to the difficulties of the masses to provide excellent housing security service, let the people enjoy the basic living dignity, is the government’s duty. Local government has no reason to avoid the responsibility of ensuring housing supply. Government in the construction of affordable housing, the supply side must intensify efforts to accelerate the progress, as the minimum living security, so as to protect the insured. Some places in the low-income housing construction problems, even through the illegal operation of embezzlement, taking special funds, by contrast, some local governments to support the development of commercial housing is very hard. One side is like a raging fire of commercial housing project construction, on the other side, the construction of housing projects for low-income people eager to keep up with. Even reluctantly allocated affordable housing land, covered by affordable housing, a lot of places to protect the housing project is also a remote location, supporting the lack of.相关的主题文章: