After a man’s face and a heavy injury to others, he flee in the field and is captured by the police -sayu-02

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Men masked seriously injured others and fled in the field. They were arrested by the police at one stroke, and they escaped to Chang hiding for more than a year after being injured by others. But they thought they were safe, but they were captured by Nanchang police at one stroke. On the morning of 0 o’clock in the morning, the police station of Qingyun branch of Nanchang Public Security Bureau discovered the online escaping criminal Zhang Moumou (male, 25 years old, and Hubei Wuxue man, who was arrested by the Hubei police and arrested on the Internet for deliberate injury). There was an activity track on the front of Xihu District station in Nanchang, Daishan. The police were arrested by intentional injury and arrested by the police in Hubei. The police station immediately organized the police to go to the area to carry out the arrest. When the police arrived at a hotel in the front of the station, it was found that the suspect, Zhang, has dozens of yuan deposits left in the hotel, and the police judge that he did not go far. Then, the police once again launched a careful surveillance and before Taiwan identity waiter told Zhang Moumou to go through the formalities. At 2 a.m., the police were caught on the spot on the spot in the hotel. In the early morning of July 30th last year, the criminal suspect, Zhang, and so on, Zhu and so on and others were masked with a knife to cut other people, causing the victims to be seriously injured two. At present, the suspect Zhang Mou has been transferred to Hubei police investigation and processing. For more information, please pay attention to the WeChat subscription number of [big Chu Huanggang]

男子蒙面重伤他人后潜逃 在外地被民警一举抓获男子蒙面重伤他人后潜逃至昌躲藏一年多,自以为安全,不料却被南昌民警一举抓获。10月5日凌晨0时许,南昌市公安局青云谱分局岱山派出所民警发现网上逃犯张某某(男,25岁,湖北武穴人,因故意伤害罪被湖北警方刑拘并上网追逃)在南昌市西湖区站前路有活动轨迹。派出所立即组织民警前往该地实施抓捕。当民警到达站前路某宾馆后,发现犯罪嫌疑人张某某有几十元押金留在宾馆,民警判断他并未走远。于是,民警再次展开周密布控,并以前台服务员的身份告知张某某前来办理手续。凌晨2时许,办案民警在该宾馆将犯罪嫌疑人张某某当场抓获。去年7月30日凌晨,犯罪嫌疑人张某某、朱某某等人蒙面持刀将他人砍伤,造成受害者重伤二级。目前,犯罪嫌疑人张某某已移交至湖北警方调查处理。更多资讯请关注【大楚黄冈】微信订阅号相关的主题文章: