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Three: bank insurance asset shortage will promote real estate stocks continue upward Sina App: Live on-line blogger to tutor to help stocks masters 20 years experience veteran Jiepan guide capital off the virtual reality under the background of "policy, financial assets relative to physical assets at a disadvantage; the optimal stock of assets and not" more money "choice in the context of the" financial "researcher Yang Xiuhongwen" asset shortage "configuration of the market is spreading rapidly, the recent real estate sector has become an important subject to pursue the. This phenomenon led to the valuation of the entire real estate market was re examined. Since August, the real estate sector has become a hot spot in the capital market. Since late July, after the rival Vanke shares into the board, including Vanke A, Langfang development, such as the city of Hengda Hengda stocks continued to rise, the real estate sector has been rapidly activated. As one of the two weight plate, the plate started to promote the rebound in the entire capital market. Its role is particularly prominent in the market in August 15th, led by the financial and real estate two weight plates, driven by stock index upside to above 3100 points, a new high of nearly seven months of record. Then with the leading real estate Vanke A sealed up circuit breakers, the influx of capital to boost the multi sector stocks trading. After a few days, the real estate sector continued to strengthen, when the week rose more than 5%, ranking the forefront of the industry. Overweight recently by the impact of real estate regulation policy, this sector has cooled heat. Why the real estate sector in the capital market A new force suddenly rises.? A number of agencies to this round of real estate stocks for return due to "asset shortage" to promote. Societe Generale Securities even recently asserted that asset shortage is expected to set off a super real estate stocks. Sealand securities also said in a research report in August 15th, the recent catalyst is not the fundamental rebound in the real estate sector driven, but represented Hengda market incremental funding continues placards driven, and bluntly industrial capital frequently placards driving factors behind from the asset shortage. The so-called "asset shortage", from the famous private Chongyang investment explained, "is simply a lot of money, but few desirable assets." The shortage of asset allocation problem began in the second half of last year, when the venture capital frequently in the capital market placards, is considered to be the show examples of asset shortage. The reason that the current market is not a real estate company fundamentals drive, mainly because of the recent bad news are the real estate sector. Real estate operating data released in August 12th by the National Bureau of statistics data show that this year is not optimistic, 7 real estate development loans and new construction area growth continued downward. At the same time, Nanjing, Suzhou and other second tier cities introduced a new deal in the property market regulation, improve the two suites down payment ratio. In addition, the end of 7, the news came out, housing prices refinancing may not be used to buy land and owing on the loan. Sealand Securities believes that behind the start of real estate stocks also includes asset shortage — another level that has a stock of high-quality land assets in the real estate business is extremely scarce, the catalytic core logic is the current sector asset revaluation. CITIC Securities believes that the current valuation of the real estate sector can not be said to be very expensive, but it is not particularly cheap. The so-called undervalued real estate stocks, to a large extent, and other major categories of information相关的主题文章: