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Travel-and-Leisure People have the option to stay at a luxurious hotel or at Bed and Breakfast Hotel. The individuals, who have achieved a good experience of ac.modating at Bed and Breakfast Hotel, always prefer to stay there. Individuals who like luxurious lives and high standard services prefer to for large hotels. Although it is the choice of the individual whether to stay in a hotel or at Bed and Breakfast Hotel but there are various reasons because of which Bed and Breakfast Hotels have be.e more attractive for the travelers. The major attraction offered by Bed and Breakfast Hotel to the guests is the cheap rates. This enhances the affordability of the people thereby, increasing the sales of Bed and Breakfast Hotel. Furthermore, there are various other differences because of which Bed and Breakfast Hotel is the choice of travelers. Firstly, Bed and Breakfast Hotels are usually located near a nature landmark, away from the noisy atmosphere of cities while hotels are located in the center of the city. Therefore, tourists prefer staying at a Bed and Breakfast Hotel instead of staying in other hotels. Only basic facilities are offered at Bed and Breakfast Hotel and the charges of these hotels are very low therefore, affordability of the people is enhanced. There are no customs and policies followed in a Bed and Breakfast Hotel like hotels and because of this guests get a feeling of free and flexible atmosphere. In other words; atmosphere is the major attraction at Bed and Breakfast Hotel. Most of the people are frustrated from the formalities of corporate life and to taste the simplicity such people always prefer to stay at Bed and Breakfast Hotels. Professional management is not hired at Bed and Breakfast Hotel like the large hotels where highly skilled labor is staffed. At Bed and Breakfast Hotel, the owner operates the business and some workers can help him in cooking, cleaning of rooms etc. Therefore, labor costs are very low at Bed and Breakfast Hotel. In hotels, the guests find it very difficult to interact with the staff but in Bed and Breakfast Hotels a harmony and association is developed between the staff and the guests. Most of the people like this simple and open culture therefore, Bed and Breakfast Hotel the first choice for them. Therefore, on the basis of all the advantages which a Bed and Breakfast Hotel has over the other hotels, we can say that ac.modation is no more an issue for the travelers. . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: