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All say "dragon born dragon, chicken born chicken, baby like my parents is what? Sohu from the network on the Internet "baby pictures of children like their parents, like next door Pharaoh of the piece was also is just meet the eye everywhere, see, just laugh just what results today" wounded "cousin said to me: she just know a big secret, living for more than and 20 years, only find yourself there may not be parents daughter. I see my cousin dizzy ~ ~ ~ don’t think so is the laughter of her "idiot" appearance, the evidence hastily: her mom and dad are blood type B, but because she didn’t know I was pregnant with blood type O. Not only to worry about the baby because he is a A type of blood and hemolytic phenomenon occurs, but also depressed wondering where they come from over the years. I am more dizzy ~ ~ silly sister ah, your junior high school physics course must not learn! Pictures from the network [based on parents’ blood type to determine baby blood] is a blood type were classified according to the surface of red blood cells isoantigen people the difference between the. There are many types of human blood, each blood group system is determined by genetic factors, and has immunological characteristics. In general, blood types are immutable. Human blood is the combination of A, B, O and other three kinds of genetic factors and decision, usually divided into A type, B type, O type and AB type four, of course there are some extremely rare Rh negative blood type MNSSU blood, more than ten kinds of blood group system. We only talk about the common blood group. All say "dragon born dragon, chicken born chicken, baby like my parents is what? In addition, a person’s blood type may not be the same as life, suffering from cancer, blood transfusion, medication, as well as receiving radiation therapy, blood type will change in the short term, over a period of time will restore the original state. And those suffering from leukemia, aplastic anemia after receiving a bone marrow transplant, blood type can permanently become the same as the donor. In addition, due to the human blood type has not yet fully understood, it is found that there are very few cases will be contrary to the above genetic laws. So, like a little cousin, who immediately became a mother, suddenly worried about their own parents are not the problem, it can be considered during pregnancy tension syndrome! Pictures from the network [the child is likely to be a long comparison of self, born not like father and mother? From the genetic point of view, it is entirely possible. The child does not look like the father is not like the mother, this does not mean that the child is not the biological. The genetic characteristics of human appearance, height, personality and intelligence are not only controlled by multiple genes, but also influenced by genetic factors. There are mainly two kinds of genetic characteristics of human being: one is the genetic character that is determined by a single allele, which is called single gene genetic characteristics such as blood group, DNA polymorphism, etc.. Father and mother will be a gene to their offspring, the composition of the child’s genotype, once formed, no change. The other is a complex genetic characteristics, such as the height, weight, skin color, intelligence, personality, behavior and appearance, etc.. These genetic features are formed by the interaction of multiple genes and environmental conditions.!相关的主题文章: