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An Ling can not exceed? Tao Xinran "rouge" is _20 > > overwhelmed with admiration for the rouge; > click on the video to watch "rouge" Tencent, Tencent entertainment news by Zhao Liying, Lu Yi, Tao Xinran starred in the blood of the Spy Drama "rouge" in Zhejiang satellite TV, Oriental TV prime time hit full swing, a female spy, let the people full perspective the role of Feng Manna and the actor Tao Xinran shine, performing delicate fresh level, the character portrayed three-dimensional deep span, crying scene is especially overwhelmed with admiration for, following the "The Legend of Zhen Huan" anling after the performance to a new level, the success of plastic super masterpiece. Tao Xinran plays Feng Manna as a tragic figure. She is the arrogant woman, once parents died, but suffered as close as sisters bestie betrayal, then as "Sange" Zhou Yuhao as the world’s only light but also the inhuman, all sorts of all sorts, causing her step by step on a road of no return, revenge has become the only thing keeping her alive. However, the heart always in the struggle and resistance in fire and ice edge. Tao Xinran play a large number of the inside play and crying scene, orphaned the highlight of delicate emotional clarity, shock, grief and other emotions both cry, see the screen before the countless viewers, watercress friends said Tao Xinran "cried the vast, different different cry sad…… Mena’s tears in the scene of the prison also moved people, she was sad, helpless, hate and helpless." Feng Manna and Ling Yung role later belong to poor contrast between before and for two sister enemies, but the role has essential difference. As Tao Xinran said in an interview, Feng Manna anling forbear restrained and put into a impulse, a place for. It can be said that Tao Xinran has been in the strength of the actors on the road to temper forward, "rouge" Feng Manna will undoubtedly create a new height of their career, and a popular popular new representative recognized as already born.相关的主题文章: