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An uncle drove everything Philip Jianghu food affordable price, full weight – Sohu and upright uncle chuangjianghu, spicy and delicious for qi. Changshengqiao subway station exit 4 near the Philip arena since the opening of all dishes by the surrounding diners bursts of praise. Everything is not large, although the area is only 5 tables. But the boss carefully designed wall painted with ink landscape, street impression, playful childhood murals, with bamboo red chandelier, gives people a warm and comfortable feeling. With a good dining environment, of course, there are delicious dishes. All the dishes but a Philip arena boss real chowhound, have their own understanding of the world food store dishes are by him through the sample after the launch. Dragon eel boiled frog meat is tender, crispy and delicious, spicy sweet pepper Laifeng fish, rabbit, spicy broth are the authentic taste of Chongqing. There is mutton soup pot, hot soup of tender meat to a bowl of warm stomach, warm heart. Dishes full weight, affordable. Fish fish (Laifeng Laifeng signature dishes, spicy flavor, will point) freshly killed fish, a fish to eat two fish, fish soup soup do Laifeng, two rabbits (pepper freshly killed) (fish head soup and boiled fish Laifeng is a fish, the fish head soup made of Laifeng fish. Boiled frog) (spicy tender) Panlong eel (crisp and tender) mutton soup pot (winter tonic) dumplings (dumplings with sour duck fish bag hot broth (yo) fat drops, like a bite of delicacy) address: Shuiyun road Chongqing Nan’an District No. 3 of No. 17 Tel: 13983856408 |17782358246相关的主题文章: