Analysis and strategy of Du Liangyu’s spot silver price in October 10th viper12a

Du Liangyu: October 10th crude oil spot silver market analysis and strategy of the client to view the latest market prices in the last week with the help of API, EIA inventory data reduction situation continued to rise, and break the above $50, as oil prices eventually close below 50 below, but prices remained relatively strong. The first week of October, with U.S. payrolls after second weeks, the market will once again usher in heavy data, so that the market will continue to have the margin volatility, which focuses on EIAIEA and OPEC three oil market monthly report, October 8-13, OPEC and non OPEC producers in Istanbul held an informal meeting to discuss the implementation of production protocol. In addition, the market will usher in the Fed’s September monetary policy meeting minutes and Yellen speech. Silver weekly point of view, this week received a single under the shadow of the Yin K line runs between the price column, Bollinger band rail and rail, rail there are signs of upward hook head, under the rail to the hook head. The MACD index is below the zero axis, the speed of cross line running down, green energy column volume, KDJ index RSI index downward run down, run, on the daily chart, yesterday received a column under the shadow of the sun, wear under the 5 day moving average 10.20 on average, the average index in short order, MACD in the index below the zero axis, the speed of cross line running down, green energy column volume, KDJ index of three line to hook head, RSI indicator upward divergence. On the whole, the market rebounded on Monday short dominated! Crude oil: from the daily view, due to the impact of cold production protocol, crude oil for 7 consecutive days collected, has exceeded 50 minute long, very strong. 1 hours, the current price of oil is still running in an upward trend, and increased channel intact, the average system standard is still long, but the price rise in V channel Du57520 and MACD energy column is shrinking, the stage of departure from the top, short-term oil prices callback needs, possible transaction intensive areas and MA30 the coincidence site will get support below the callback to continue upward, if there can be more than a single intervention long signal. On the whole, Du Liangyu suggested a low priority. Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly, the risk of their own.相关的主题文章: