Angelababy phototherapy lip has been on the line, do you do goddess princess, learn to paint! (video

"Angelababy phototherapy lip" has been on the line, do you do goddess princess, learn to paint! Don’t know know phototherapy phototherapy lip is really Fashion this is the Wuli bazaar September Angelababy cover, because the cover of baby, and a new name: snow white! The United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the new standards of the lips of the lips of the baby smile hinder acting? Barbara sister that the name of others can not replace, who like baby is the white girl and muscle? The key to this bright light and "lip phototherapy", become the punchline makeup! In fact, do they know the Manicure girl, made with nail polish glue + phototherapy machine Manicure, than general armour oil lighter, and so is coated with lip phototherapy, which you can also like baby turned the suction eye "snow white"! In addition to her beautiful lips painted by phototherapy and their overbearing female president belongs to the queen queen goddess adorable sister loves it! Girl don’t think only the most excellent phototherapy lip vermilion, you see supermodel Doutzen Kroes, pink lip phototherapy shows a lovely feeling, want to kiss! (Barbara I shy…) Although the choice of sugar is also the pink rose pink, but it gives people a sexier and more "demon" feel, if it went to a party, let alone, your lips are dazzling than flash! Barbara and sister did not think of is, always funny than "big cousin" is painted red phototherapy lip, kind of actually queen fan children body, gas field full is not that also special feminine! I didn’t blow you to see which show supermodel don’t use it? In fact, in addition to stars in the show, can also see the "phototherapy lip" figure, to bare color + light makeup for it, collocation and LOOK, but a kind of adorable contrast! But also in the form of a lot of lip phototherapy, it could manage to bite the lips, the weaker sister line of you, it is not a good news? If you want to become the focus of audience, then you play "phototherapy lip + phototherapy" this combination of boxing! Everyone except to say: the United states! American fried! Beauty earthshaking! What can you say? So, the interjection one received, began to learn how to turn it into the beauty lip phototherapy time lip phototherapy method training class! First to use lip balm bottoming moisturizing, and then use the pencil make-up mouth contour. Hand residual party can also use the breakpoint type lip contour method, so it is not easy to fail.相关的主题文章: