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Anhui college students in the street game less than a minute to lose 6000 yuan tuition – Beijing, an online news according to the Anhui Daily reported that a college student is going to school, being pulled in the street, a few chess game, not for one minute, will lose the tuition. Recently, the police destroyed a robbery by game fraud criminal gangs, 7 members jingfangxingju. October 8th at noon, Wang at a university in Shandong came home from Anqing to Hefei trains, go to the new bus station at the entrance, there are people playing chess by the side of the road, a man suddenly pulled him, said his boss won a lot of money, they do not let themselves down, "you come and play chess, I secretly directing, winning equally." Wang man think technology should be good, agreed, but each plate left 35 steps to lose, not for one minute, lost several disc, not only lost 300 yuan in cash only upon each other, he also forced Alipay to transfer 6000 yuan. "The money is my tuition, I was stupid." Wang’s experience is not the case, the police combed, since August, Wangjiang Road flyover, Buynow mall entrance, and two Affiliated Hospital of the door, there are a group of men who display game fraud passers property, the victims are mostly young people, if there is no cash, the suspect is the use of violence forced the victim by Alipay transfer a victim is money, he was beaten in hospital. After investigation, the gang in Henan led by Zhao, is basically a fellow, clear division of labor, is wearing a simple seemingly honest player, a chess winning "up", pretending to watch "the masses", and gang members in the periphery of the lookout. "Asked" camouflage won the money, players pretend that he will not play chess, unaware of the truth of the victim was invited to help play chess. Once the victim after the two or three inning after the discovery deceived, the group will stress the victim to give money, do not give money to violence together, then fled. In October 26th, Hefei Xinya near the bus station, Zhao et al also started the game. 11 pm, more than 20 police arrest group consisting of rapidly from the north and south sides surrounded, 7 people were arrested. At present, 7 people were detained for robbery and fraud. Police: so far, only one old man won." Police said the suspects choose to go to the game will win hundred steps, the victim usually failed to adhere to more than half a minute, the police reminded the public not to challenge. Currently, the police verified cases at least 5 cases, involving nearly $30 thousand. Police warned that some of the victims may be cheated because of the small amount, there is no report, if there is a similar experience, please report to the police as soon as possible.相关的主题文章: