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Announced aid comfort women will promote the expenditure details of the relationship between Japan and South Korea reached agreement announced on the original title: aid comfort women expenditure details will promote the relationship between Japan and South Korea reached agreement in August 25, according to Japanese media reports, the Japanese Foreign Ministry announced the 24 to aid the former comfort women to provide a South Korean consortium of 1 billion yen (about 66 million 210 thousand yuan the expense statement). The consortium will pay cash to 245 people, including agents, including the deceased. Funds intended for use in medical care and care, which paid about 10 million yen to each living person, to the death of the original comfort women’s family and other payments of up to about 2 million yen. Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio and South Korean Foreign Minister Yin Bingshi on the afternoon of the same day in Tokyo, the foreign ministry held talks, agreed to promote future oriented relations between Japan and South korea. Consortium as a cure gold to the original comfort women and their families to pay cash for discussion, the Japanese side agreed to the matter. About 1 billion yen, the government of Japan and South Korea called it "to restore the reputation and dignity of all comfort women and heal the trauma of the project" expenditure. The Japanese claim without legal liability is not compensation, South Korea wants to give the impression to the nature of compensation. The wording is to find a mutually acceptable statement. According to the Japanese Foreign Ministry said the consortium will listen to the former comfort women and the requirements of the agent, with Japan and South Korea in December last year consensus funding. Intended use will include dead funeral related costs and his family scholarship. South Korea’s foreign minister reaffirmed the two sides in the talks confirmed the two sides to fulfill the consensus reached by the end of last year, Japan and South korea. With the consensus on the shore field, the requirements of the way Japan’s embassy in Seoul as a young girl asked South Korea to solve". Yin Bingshi introduced to the shore, said the cabinet meeting on the 24 approved the Korean consortium to provide funds of 1 billion yen. In addition, Kishida also talked about August 15th South Korea cross party MPs group on South Korea and Japan disputed islands (Japan called Takeshima, South Korea called Dokdo), and protested. It is reported that Japan and South Korea foreign ministers talks this year second times, the last was held in Laos in July. Editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: