Anti-corruption experts talk about the teacher AA system dinner was informed no discipline should

The anti-corruption experts on "teachers to be informed of AA Dinners: without discipline should not interfere with the original title:" the teacher AA dinner was informed: should not intervene without discipline release of the Shanxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection in Changzhi County of Tunliu City, before a "on the Tunliu South Campus teachers dinner drinking problems, led to a public bulletin concern and questioned by many. October 12th, Changzhi City Commission for Discipline Inspection response, has been involved in investigating the matter. In the network of hot debate, why the majority of users, quite teacher? What are the issues that are worth considering? 13, just an interview with reporters network of anti-corruption experts, Beijing Normal University professor Peng Xinlin. "In the supervision and discipline of the emergence of deviation" Tunliu County Commission informed that on Friday September 9, 2016, Tunliu South Campus senior official Duan Xudong, Sun Bin and 22 second grade teacher in the school after the holiday, to Tunliu Shuguang commercial street from the restaurant for dinner and drinks, with a total cost of 1390 yuan, to pay aa. Informed that the incident occurred in the vast majority of organs and units working hours at noon, resulting in adverse social impact. The county discipline standing committee decided ordered Duan Xudong, Sun Bin in the school teachers meeting public review, on the other 22 class teachers participate in collective interviews and informed on the matter within the county. Peng Xinlin believes that the incident reflects some of the primary discipline inspection departments in performing their duties of supervision and discipline of accountability, there is misunderstanding and deviation on the understanding of the action, failed to accurately grasp the use of good supervision and discipline of "four forms", influence the effect of the positive wind Su ji. Public opinion is a barometer of anti-corruption issues." Peng Xinlin said, is the wind Su Ji is the common aspiration of the people, the masses have applauded represent the general trend, is the. In the event of a larger rally public opinion, the crux of the problem, the relevant departments in the supervision and discipline of the discipline inspection and grasp the deviation, implementation of the relevant central rigid mechanical policy, confuses the unwholesome tendencies and normal human exchanges and social activities. Human contacts, if not discipline should not intervene "reporter noted that during the communication of one word is" zoom "-" AA dinners ", even the netizen to infer that the teacher" is not illegal". In this regard, Peng Xinlin said that the general public, no obvious violation or within the scope of the policy allows the staff during the holiday AA dinners, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection, but "the incident" Big deal "that the adverse impact on the community, to the county’s education system and the teachers put on black," and criticized the county, like there is overkill, "the primary accountability" too. Peng Xinlin pointed out that for specific industries such as teachers, there are some common holidays and other benefits. Faculty of human exchanges and social activities without discipline beyond the bottom line, the Commission should not to intervene. The maintenance staff welfare, holiday due rights and interests, and corruption are not contradictory. Although the relevant teacher dinner time is not a statutory holiday, but also the school according to the actual situation of the teaching of the high school teachers to put the holiday. Tunliu County Commission for Discipline Inspection in handling this, if some of the more humane considerations, such as talk reminder, care education and other measures may not lead to the existing question).相关的主题文章: