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Art does not press the body tap selection skills         do not know how to do, Xiao Bian always like to mention a child. Think that year, the countryside in the childhood, the home of the water equipment or their own hit the pressure wells, thirsty when the mouth directly to the mouth to drink, much more than the current mineral water. Now people live in the building, water wells have gradually been replaced by tap water. A good well is very convenient to use, and now with tap water, water can not be careless. Today to talk about, how to choose the right faucet. 1, the efficacy of the brand together to see         although, do not look at the efficacy of the brand, but a lot of time still want to believe that the strength of the brand, in particular, can be called a "standard" brand. Mobile phone brand so much, why Apple has always been the object of imitation, always guide people to the aesthetic of the phone, because Apple is sometimes regarded as the industry standard".         consumers in the purchase of taps, you can go to the regular home building materials market or supermarket to buy, brand faucets, they will be printed on the product brand logo. On the market, "Li Gui" is really too much, when you buy the master, became the home of Kang Shuai fu. 2, before buying twist         a lot of tap permanent, always feel this is mostly open rotation blocking valve out of the question. Spool is the heart of the tap, common steel ball valve core and ceramic spool. Steel ball valve pressure resistance ability, but the sealing rubber ring is easy to loss of aging. Ceramic valve core heat resistant, has good sealing performance, water leakage is not easy to appear. The use of ceramic valve faucet, turn the light and comfortable.         when consumers buy, can pick up the tap by rotating the handle to feel. If there is a blocking phenomenon, direct OUT. 3, roll up their sleeves and touch         when we all played it blowing bubbles. Pick up a bottle of water, and then add a little mother washing clothes washing powder, so fun and interesting bubbles made of water, and then ran to find the kids than the bubble blowing, long duration. Now I can’t even think of a tap!         this is because the tap is installed a bubbler that bubbler can let flow through the water and air mix, let the water foaming effect, the air, water scouring force increases significantly, thus effectively reducing water consumption, save water.         in the choice of this kind of tap, pulled up by his arm to try the water. If you feel cool, bah, feel comfortable and soft water bubble more, this shows that the quality of the bubbler is good. 4, the killer: see test report &  .相关的主题文章: