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Site-Promotion A very powerful search engine optimization device is article marketing, which entails writing articles based on a particular blog post, and submitting them to either article directories, or to other websites using the platform of guest-blogging. This program has the effect of improving a metric called Alex rank, which leads directly to better search placement as an indication of increased traffic. The beginning search marketer would do well to understand the utility of this approach in the eyes of the search engines, which are responsible for ranking websites and getting them higher and higher in the search engine results pages, where there are greater and greater numbers of visitors awaiting them on each page closer to the first page. Furthermore, an improved Alexa ranking is a signal that those visitors are legitimate. The name of the game is, essentially, backlinks. To a (very) rough first approximation, the more links you have pointing back to your own website, the better. Of course, the seasoned search engine marketer would scoff at that statement; and, rightly so: if you have many poorly-conceived links back to your site, then you run the risk of being largely disregarded by the .plex mathematics and language considerations of the secret search algorithm or, in the worst-case scenario, banned from their index, which means the only way someone can get to your website is by typing in the exact URL. Even the beginning blogger knows you can forget about getting a substantial number of visitors that way. So you need to link to higher-quality blogs; and preferably, blogs that are related to your content in subject area. However; because of the phenomenon of spam, the above tactic is losing potency. Many blog owners either wont allow .menting, will close their blogs to .menting after a short amount of time, and/or will assign a certain hypertext mark-up language tag to your .ments/guest blogs called the nofollow. This allows search engines to see your .ment, but it doesnt allow them presumably to use it to bump your website up in the rankings. This is where article marketing .es in. There are many article directories out there that are very highly-regarded by the search metrics, and a sizable portion of them allow your backlinks to be dofollow, which is a very good thing. Did we mention that article marketing also improves your Alexa? This thankfully takes link-building out of the hands of understandably stingy blog-owners, and enables the hard-working web-blogger to judiciously write targeted articles, as long as she is willing to put in the time and effort. Article marketing, then, is a practice that should be embraced early by a blogger; if she ever hopes to get her website past page fifty of Google. Lastly, most article directories reward article marketing contributions to their databases by allowing two backlinks to the site of the article writer. There are some that even allow three; a handful allows many more. This should never be used though, because search engines frown on too many links .ing from a single article, especially if they all point back to the same site. With just these few general rules and guidelines be sure to try and keep your word-count above 400 per article too article marketing can very well form the crux of your search engine optimization endeavors, as well as drive steady on the road to a better Alexa value. About the Author: . Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: