Astrology My name is Sushanta kumar Nath born at the village Benagadia district of Khurda,Odisha on 3rd May 1974. I have 15 years of vital experience in vedic Astrology,palmistry,traditional and modern vastu,chamunda sadhana and vedanta research and analysis. I don’t approach for marketing of my consulting and truely i would like to serve and give you right frame of success. I am open for those kinds of people who believe God and God’s existence.In this world no one can change the luck in one day,but I assure that I can change cases why you face problems and have right remedies. I am not money oriented. I would like to study your cases,whats the problem,why you face the problems in your professional life,family life,job file,study life and have right predictions for them to analyze and fix your cases.The natives of this Rashi are generally active and energetic, having great courage and can understand motive of others, they are goal achievers. Though their ideas are diffused but they are flexible in terms of truth. The lord of this rashi is Mars so the natives have the qualities of this Planet as they are aggressive Strong with lean body, .plexion is Reddish. Actors, Doctors, Electricians, Gold Smith, Leather business .e under this sign of MARS. Being a fiery sign Native of this sign love Science and Philosophy and busy with educational activities they are frank and impulsive having leading capacity and martial. Female natives of this rashi are truth speaker keeping enmity like cleanness and affectionate with her kith & kins. Sun is most favourable and next is Jupiter but Venus, Saturn and Mercury are malefic for this sign while Saturn & Mercury are Markesh. Palmistry is an art of analyzing past,present and future of any individual just by reading and observing hand . Every hand tell its own story and for any palmist its really not though to look in to an indivisuals past or future just by reading lines and signs found on the palm . Palmistry has been developed by many people around the world . Basically got developed by India . In todays technical world people are getting more interest and trust on the ancient studies for healing their poor life or planning their future with the help of Astrologer or palmist . Infect in olden days many great people use to get healing through their astrologer or palmist . In astrology time and date ot birth is required to get knowledge about an indivisuals life or to decide which horoscope sign he or she belongs to . But in palmistry it is very clear for an palmist to get all the information about an indivisuals past as well as present life , through reading the lines on any indivisuals palm . In palmistry every figure and lines belong to a pla. and the benefit or loss and indivisual can get through them depends on condition of his/her lines or the mounts on the palm . Lines found on the palm plays a very significance role for any palm reader and the lines which are found on the palm really play an important role in persons life . No line imprinted on the palm is useless because any line however small or big , thick or thin is helpful in determining and observing the speed of the life force and it is really very important for any palmist to analyze and study the each line found on the palm . The clear and deep long lines on the palm indicates success while the broken ,thin and indistinct lines are a poor in life force of an individual . Each line on the palm relates to some kind of happening and indicates about life . The exact time of happening can also be ascertained by means of lines . For that a deep knowledge and experience is required . It is necessary to get the correct knowledge about the lines found on the palm . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: