Autumn dry attack, traditional Chinese medicine teaching how do you deal with easily t420s

Qiuzao struck to teach you how to easily cope with the focus of Chinese medicine how to spend the majority of a pleasant autumn health up to the people concerned. The old hospital of Jiangsu province (Jiangsu Provincial Hospital Authority) Department of traditional Chinese Medicine Director Sun Shizhu explained: "after the beginning of autumn, the lack of moisture in the air, the body in the summer too much to vent, the lack of moisture, if all the evils, especially the" dryness ", first will make people prone to lung, cough less sputum nasopharyngeal dry, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, hoarseness, mouth ulcers, dry skin, hair loss, constipation and other symptoms, this is the Chinese medicine called" Qiuzao disease". How to deal with autumn dryness? Dr. Sun is our weapon. Diet: to prevent dryness and protecting Yin Yin lungs of basic Chinese ancient times against Qiuzao dietary prescription: "towards brine, late honey soup." Mean autumn should drink boiling water, tea, Soybean Milk, and to do the small amount and frequency of drinking, can also be white or honey in boiling water with salt. The autumn can be appropriate to eat tremella, lotus root, pear, water chestnut, wild rice, arrowhead, ginkgo, carrot, duck, fish, walnuts, sesame, glutinous rice, sugar, dairy products, such as Qingfei Runfei of goods; eat red dates, longan, litchi, durian, mutton, mustard, onion, ginger, garlic, pepper, pepper, star anise, fennel, Hot pot etc.; avoid water shield, chives, bean sprouts, peas, alfalfa, deer, deer meat, goose meat, dogwood, raw honey, excellent noodles, animal liver. The homology of medicine and food: autumn can choose Chinese medicine with Xuanfei phlegm, nourishing yin and Invigorating Qi for health care, such as radix ginseng, gelatin, lily, almond, loquat, Fritillaria, Pang Dahai etc.. In addition, these medicines can also make medicinal food, such as lily, tremella sugar lotus porridge glutinous rice porridge glutinous rice porridge, lotus root, almond Chuanbei corn Lily ribs soup, chicken soup, green olive Momordica Sydney Tremella Sydney pork soup, lotus Lily soup, carp tofu soup. Emotion: to maintain a good mood "HuangDiNeiJing" records: "the lung in annals sad (grief)." The fall of "lung" most prone to disease, once the lung qi, will the body tolerance to adverse stimuli decreased, it is easy to produce feelings of sadness. In turn, the sadness will further hurt the lungs, which showed overwhelming sadness. So we should keep quiet inside, optimistic mood, ease of mind, often foresight, put aside the troubles, avoid the sad mood, is a good way to autumn maintenance of lung. At the same time, a good time to fall is exercise, walking, jogging, Tai Chi and other sports can not only enhance the blood circulation and oxygen supply can improve the blood supply of brain cells and the brain, but the director Sun also reminded that although the movement is good but fall is not strenuous movement, to prevent sweat loss, damage yang. In addition, cold water wash, cold water bath nose exercise suitable for the prevention of colds, bronchitis, colds, runny nose, also have certain effect.

秋燥来袭 中医教你如何轻松应对   秋季如何愉悦度过成了广大养生达人们关注的焦点。江苏省老年医院(江苏省省级机关医院)中医科主任孙世竹解释:“立秋后,空气中缺少水分,人体在夏季过多的发泄后,各组织水分不足,如果再受到外邪,尤其是“燥邪”,首先就会犯肺,使人容易出现干咳少痰、鼻咽干燥、喷嚏流涕、咽痛、声音嘶哑、口腔溃疡、皮肤干燥、脱发、便秘等症状,这就是中医中所说的“秋燥症”。如何应对秋燥?孙医师也为我们支招了。   饮食:以防燥护阴、滋阴润肺为基本   ①中国古代就有对付秋燥的饮食良方:“朝朝盐水,晚晚蜜汤。”意思是秋季应该多喝开水、淡茶、豆浆等,并要做到量少而频饮,还可以在白开水中加盐或蜂蜜。   ②秋季可以适当多吃些银耳、藕、梨、荸荠、茭白、慈姑、白果、胡萝卜、鸭肉、黑鱼、芝麻、核桃、糯米、乳品、冰糖等清肺、润肺之品;少吃桂圆、红枣、榴莲、荔枝、羊肉、芥末、葱、姜、蒜、辣椒、花椒、八角、茴香、火锅等物;忌吃莼菜、韭菜、豆芽、豌豆苗、苜蓿芽、鹿肉、獐肉、雁肉、茱萸、生蜜、过硬的面条、动物肝脏等物。   ③药食同源:秋季可选用具有宣肺化痰、滋阴益气的中药进行保健,如沙参、西洋参、阿胶、百合、杏仁、枇杷、川贝母、胖大海等。此外,还可用这些药材做成药膳,如百合莲子粥、银耳冰糖糯米粥、杏仁川贝糯米粥、莲藕玉米排骨汤、罗汉果百合鸡汤、青橄榄雪梨猪肉汤、莲子百合银耳雪梨汤、鲫鱼豆腐汤等。   情志:要保持好的心情   《黄帝内经》记载:“肺在志为悲(忧)。”秋季“肺”最容易发生疾病,一旦肺气虚,机体对一些不良刺激的耐受性就会下降,就容易产生悲伤的情绪。反过来,悲伤也会进一步伤肺,从而持续表现为无法抑制的忧伤。因此应保持内心宁静、情绪乐观,经常登高望远,舒畅胸怀,抛开烦恼,避免悲伤情绪,是秋季保养肺的好方法。   同时,秋季也是运动锻炼的好时期,散步、慢跑、打太极等运动不仅能够增强血液循环,还能改善大脑的血液供应和脑细胞的氧供应,但孙主任同时也提醒,运动虽然有好处但秋季不宜剧烈运动,以防汗液流失,阳气伤耗。此外,冷水洗脸、浴鼻等适宜的冷水锻炼对于预防伤风、感冒、流鼻涕、支气管炎也有一定效果。相关的主题文章: