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Ba Jin: Thailand is willing to play a constructive role for strengthening cooperation between ASEAN and China friendship zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in September 11 Nanning Xinhua (reporter Yang Chen) Thailand Deputy Prime Minister Ba Jin said in a speech in 11 days here, Thailand supports the "Chinese Belt and Road Initiative" initiative, and the Asian infrastructure investment bank in the development of important the role played by ASEAN in infrastructure. As a founding member of the Asian investment bank, Thailand will make efforts to strengthen infrastructure construction in asia. Ba Jin led the delegation of Thailand to participate in the thirteenth China ASEAN Expo held in Guangxi, Nanning this year and China ASEAN Business and investment summit. He in the Expo opening ceremony speech said that since the China ASEAN Expo, Thailand every year to attend, and served as the theme in the twelfth Expo, this shows that Thailand attaches great importance to China and ASEAN, and friendly relations between Thailand and the China. He said, we are very pleased to see this year is the 25 anniversary of the establishment of ASEAN dialogue relations Chinese, therefore, the exhibition scale of Thailand is exceptionally large, a total of 149 companies in Thailand and the two Thailand offices in 163 of the Chinese ASEAN Expo booth exhibitors. Thailand’s charm city this year is Thailand’s political, economic, cultural, food and spiritual capital of Bangkok. Bangkok traditional charm and modern convenience in one. Ba Jin said in his speech, ASEAN has become a unified market and production base, we encourage China’s public and private enterprises to take full advantage of this new trade and investment opportunities. I also encourage Chinese to support Thailand 1+1 measures, promote the economic development of border areas, so that Thailand can supply chain with neighboring countries more closely, it will bring Thailand more employment opportunities, bring more prosperity to the economy of Thailand, to the people’s well-being. Ba Jin reiterated that Thailand is willing to play a constructive role in strengthening the close friendship and cooperation between ASEAN and china. He said that Thailand has always been committed to becoming a bridge to promote regional interoperability in various fields, to further increase the good will and mutual understanding of each other. We hope that all parties will seize the opportunity to enhance the friendly relations between ASEAN and China to a new height. (end)相关的主题文章: