Bai Yansong will you do these useless things – Sohu to eat and drink

Bai Yansong: will you do these useless things? Sohu and review: Chinese, at the moment we, how? Calm, is unprecedented as a luxury, and in addition to happiness, we seem to have nothing. Everyone hurried forward, and often confused: where am I going? Confused for a long time, it is necessary to find some answers. [a] tea, drink, listen to music, these things useful? On the surface, it is useless. Map: South Beauty of ancient tea tea in 2016 Manchester Xinlong "long" from the pursuit of the times, promotion, rich and famous to do with this thing, because useful, but a person to drink tea, drink, listen to the library, there is no use. Because a person is there, neither to create wealth, but not to create a relationship, so lonely people is shameful, even as poor. Too many useful things to push the useless things to the edge. In the crowd, people are only willing to meet people who are useful to themselves. On the right of name card determines which Zhang was useless and the tear, and which one was useful and the left. Useful person needed by others, the crowd interesting there will be fewer people, even for a long time, we are beginning to dry up the boring life. Useless things or people, really useless? [two] at the beginning of the year, I went to Zhejiang, Fuyang. Where everyone from the town’s "graph" and proud. This masterpiece is more than and 600 years ago, the Yuan Dynasty, seventy years ago this painter Huang Gongwang mountain, with the completion of three or four years. In those three or four years, I thought that the people in the small town were busy for the sake of the name, and that his paintings were nothing but a useless man. It is interesting to note that, in the past, this painting, the painting is the painting to the friends of the useless division, so it is also known as the volume of the painting "useless teacher volume". However, over the past six hundred years, useful things, the generations do have vanished, but when the "useless" for the elderly, with a pure heart and a root and a bald brush left of the painting, eventually become a symbol of the city and the memory of the greatest, and more bring more capital, wealth and bring attention to this town. A useless man’s painting to a useless artist is really useful. This is how a reincarnation? Useless things, really useless? [three] distant things, just a mirror; the current road, we have to take a deep shallow foot. Seems to have everything, how can not be happy? Some people say that to be happy, the three word is the key material, emotional and spiritual. The material is the foundation, a solid foundation, the earth trembled and the mountains swayed. Money is not omnipotent, no money is totally unacceptable, so people want to lay a solid foundation for this, slowly produce an illusion, think of material to achieve the goal of happiness will be smoothly done or easily solved. But walk, material basis for poor countries, GDP has become the world’s second car sales also became the first in the world, people bulging wallet but unfortunately found that happiness is not predictable, but far away "相关的主题文章: