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Baidu maps to the Department of transportation issued travel cloud platform – Sohu science and technology news: November 17th, November 7th special report at the Third World Conference of the Internet "Internet plus travel" forum, the Department of transportation comprehensive transportation cooperation with Baidu map construction of travel data open cloud platform — "travel cloud" officially launched. This is the country’s first big data in the field of transportation open platform, marking the opening of China’s transport data has taken an important step. Comprehensive traffic data open cloud platform "travel cloud" officially launched "travel cloud" open government data to build the nation’s first trip "travel big data open platform cloud platform is the first travel data and open application platform, jointly constructed by the Ministry of transport and Baidu maps through the model of the cooperation of government. The platform of the provinces and cities nationwide transportation unit in charge of traffic related data collection, integration, and open the whole society with authoritative and complete data, the characteristics of mass travel data, with open, decision support, application development and other functions. The traffic administrative department of the trade, transportation companies, Internet companies, the development of enterprises and public institutions such as the data can be registered as a user, access, access to transportation travel data authority and related application services, exchange and use of service display. At present, the "travel cloud" platform has access to 15 provinces and cities nationwide transportation departments, travel service data and a number of research institutes and Internet Co, and has attracted 12 enterprises and research institutions in the city, the use of network management related decision-making, development, construction and service. The platform has broken the traffic data silos, open up the industry chain downstream, with production and research, build up the integration of traffic data and technology sharing platform, will travel data and application of open nationwide sharing is a big step forward. Government enterprise cooperation "travel cloud" public benefit Baidu maps as the Ministry of transport travel cloud platform is an important cooperation partner and data access mechanism, provides many technical support for ecological construction of intelligent transportation. Based on the "travel cloud" open out of the traffic data, Baidu map to improve the real-time traffic, real-time events, real-time bus services, the closure of roads, congestion, traffic accidents and other real-time traffic information push more timely, bus travel information update more quickly. Encounter highway section blocking, heavy rain blocking the road, the user can be more early warning and navigation guidance. Dong Li general manager of Baidu map division? "Said, based on" travel cloud "innovation is to build intelligent transportation effective means, can effectively relieve congestion, convenient travel, we hope that the data and the wide range of technical cooperation with all levels of government and institutions, also hope that the traffic authorities, more and more research institutes and join the travel enterprise cloud"". With the future more government agencies, enterprises and research institutions to join, travel cloud will also become the most authoritative, most abundant, most valuable and dynamic open platform in China’s transportation industry data. Pang Song, Secretary of the Ministry of science and technology of the Ministry of transportation: This is a basic level of scientific research exchange of information相关的主题文章: