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UnCategorized People are getting more interested to go to these Internet cafes now as .pared to previous years. The reason is the improvement in quality of services by these Internet cafes. Not only quality, but also the number and range of services are expanding. In early years, people used to go to Internet cafes just to check emails and limited purposes. However, now Internet cafes offer a huge variety of services including Internet chat rooms, gaming zones and food and drink servings as well. People go to Internet cafes to have fun and excitement in its real meanings. They spend time with their friends and have fun. With the growing demand for the Internet cafes, issues related to these cafes also increase. Large number of .puters needs to be managed very carefully and efficiently. Many soft wares are .ing in the market to solve these issues. One issue is regarding the management of bandwidth on each .puter. For this purpose, bandwidth manager software has been launched in the market. It serves to limit and control the bandwidth of downloading and uploading rate for each .puter in your Internet cafe. You can adjust time sessions for each session and .puter. It also helps the .puter to log out automatically on the end of quota. This software is very useful for gaming cafes as it allows the automatic control of bandwidth on every .puter. You can set different download and upload rates for each .puter according to user preferences. The major ease of this software is its .patibility with Windows. You don’t need to buy proprietary hardware to run this software. Rather you can use any PC having network cards to run the bandwidth management software. Another very good feature of this software is that you do not need to install the software on the client .puters. You do not need to administer the software for the clients. The bandwidth is configured in Kb/s. It allows you to control bandwidth limit on each .puter independently and shows the Internet connection speed on each account. The software allows you to configure higher downloading and uploading rates on some accounts while lower bandwidth on others. This bandwidth control and adjustment feature ensures one account may not be a reason of disruption to the other accounts. This software has another feature of traffic quota management as well. Quota is the total amount of traffic available to an account. A bandwidth quota is constructed for each account. The quota is constructed in Mbytes. It depends on the payment of the user. For example, it allows a user to download 20MB quota in two hours. Time limit option can be disabled if only bandwidth control is your need. The bandwidth management software also enables you to specify certain .puters, which can access Internet without any restrictions and limitations. It keeps the log of every activity going on all the accounts and .puters within the cafe. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: