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"The treasure" ground broadcast Liu Zhiyang through the storm chasing Xiao Yin Xiao Yin – Entertainment Sohu as He Chanying Liu Zhiyang’s three Sohu entertainment news by Xiao Yin, Liu Zhiyang and starring in the drama "the treasure" situation recently in the ground satellite TV broadcast, "the treasure situation" is about the period of the Republic of China Japanese disarray in stealing treasures a group of patriots for the protection of national treasures and Japanese conspiracy stories. Xiao Yin which plays Chanying Indiana where the treasure, Liu Zhiyang’s three evil luocaoweikou. This is the two following the "cooperation" after the soul ferry, will impact what kind of spark is worth looking forward to! What is the Chanying (Xiao Yin) father darts He Zhiheng with people robbed the next G8 coalition team snatched the Japanese palace treasures, after years of Japanese revenge, except where Chanying ho escaped the rest of slaughter, to uphold his father’s wish, he Chanying alone to Tianjin to participate in the protection of national treasures resolutely action. The three (Liu Zhiyang ornaments) failed to withstand the temptation in turmoil, to join the Japanese camps, america. This is the two collaboration with Liu Zhiyang Xiao Yin, before two people in "soul" in the "Qing Ya ferry" CP widely praised by users, two people whirling feelings is a major part of the play. This time, through the back of the Republic of China, the three cooperation ho driver, unanimously favored miss what Chanying, but because of different positions and beliefs of the intensification of the contradictions, two people will often not clear emotional entanglements. In the end the two people finally can bury the hatchet, the majority of users can complete the wish together? Everything is still a fan, want to know more exciting content, please continue to pay attention to "Bao Bao Fengyun" bar! It is reported, starring Xiao Yin, Liu Zhiyang and two of the 3 "end of season" soul ferry tonight will be on-line to meet with you, this is the three collaboration of two people, is the "soul ferry" series of ending, please look forward to!相关的主题文章: