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"Battle of Jiangqiao" Li Youbin version of "true history – Shan Fei Qi – Sohu Li Youbin Shi Jingming Xie Ke Entertainment – Shan Sohu entertainment news (the Kong Zhao) 38 sets the historical drama" battle of Jiangqiao "in September 4th will be landing Beijing television channel capital theatre. The story is based on the China kangzhanshi with one of the signs of major battle — the battle of Jiangqiao, tells the story of the "918 incident" after the military occupation of Northeast China, in the nation, The people are destitute. on the occasion, the Northeast Anti Japanese hero General Ma Zhanshan resolutely led the patriotic Army and in Qigihar Nenjiang bridge started the first Anti Japanese Hal Ge gun, with the Japanese, led by Zhang Haipeng the wits of the story. Li Youbin’s version of "Ma Zhan Shan comes with Fei Qi, 2 afternoon, director Li Yinxie, starring Li Youbin, Mi Xuedong, Liu Wei, Sun Xiaofei, Wei Yi, Fengtai District into the thirty-second retreat, old comrades and retired cadres in the community to interact with the audience. Site director Li Yin said, fired the first shot of the Anti Japanese armed – Shan on the screen, had no show, the "battle of Jiangqiao" in 1931 that the history of the screen, through the delicate characterization and war scenes of great momentum, and strive to restore the true Ma Zhan Shan generals and other revolutionaries for national independence and people’s Liberation compose in Heilongjiang the heroic. Li Yin introduction, screenwriter rich and powerful access to a large number of historical documents, which lasted more than and 10 years before the battle of Jiangqiao, the script to complete the history of the reduction of up to more than 80% of the characters in the play has a historical prototype. Starring Li Youbin said the role of the Ma Zhanshan is tailored to his, had played a "bright sword" in Li Yunlong, the "northeast" in Li Kaishan and many other classical character Li Youbin, the bandits, bureaucrats and warlords set up a war hero Ma Zhanshan, a lot of work, trying to extract the features of characters from sporadic records and memories. "Before there is a movie about the difficulties he wrote – Shan, too is the." Li Youbin said, "upright image on the beard, a horse who is not appropriate – shan." In the decisive battle of Jiangqiao, Li Youbin shows the side of the "bandits" of Ma Zhanshan. After 918, and the Japanese side of the war, Ma Zhanshan is the first person. In the armed forces and the number of troops are far less than the enemy’s situation is also resolutely resist, reflecting his determination to resist japan." "Yun Fei" the variable villain play, in addition to Li Youbin’s excellent interpretation of "war first person" – Shan, Shi Jingming, Liu Jinshan, more Liu Wei, Mi Xuedong, Chang Sha Jing, Zhang Guangbei and other old drama of bone portrait of joining, CO writing a century history of the legendary period of war. Shi Jingming played with Xie Ke, Ma Zhan Shan a gold partner, he zhengyilinran willing green leaves, saying "who can not stop – Shan" made him determined to support Sha Jingchang’s Anti Japanese – Shan; President Wu Duo, also a member of the Communist Party of China underground complex, he looked dignified, care-laden is on the national predicament of domestic trouble and foreign invasion. The revolution is full of confidence. "Sword", "Yun Fei" and Zhang Guangbei "Li Yunlong" Li Youbin is not in相关的主题文章: