Sri Lankan!

Travel-and-Leisure Dont just visit Sri Lanka but be Sri Lankan with a homestay in Sri Lanka that will give guests an authentic experience of local life. A homestay is ideal for visitors wishing to travel around the island and not be stationary or limited to one area, as it allows flexibility of ac.modation at a reasonable cost. It is an experience staying with a local family, as it allows you to gain a true feel for the ways of the people. Families offering homestays are registered with the tourism authority and so visitors can be assured that they are able to deliver on what they promise. The houses are .fortable providing for the basic needs of visitors namely food and shelter. Visitors are treated as family members and offered authentic Sri Lankan food. These are proper meals prepared with care that showcase all the wonderful flavours that are to be found in Sri Lankan cooking. Guests could even pick up some cooking tips and recipes and maybe even try a hand at preparing the family a meal! By opting for a homestay holiday visitor are to an extent also assisting with providing an additional in.e to the host family. However, homestays are more about learning firsthand about the local culture, which is probably why homestays are mostly enjoyed and sought after by younger travellers. Students and back packers are the main visitors interested in homestays, due to its lost cost factor and flexibility. It allows a unique experience at must lower a hotel stay cost. It is very popular with exchange students as they have the additional benefit of being able to pick up the host language and also learn about popular local eating places, best value shopping and places to visit. Sri Lanka has a very culture, with every guest being treated as one of the family. The people are friendly and go out of their way to assist a traveller. That is one of the reasons as to why homestays in Sri Lanka are so popular and successful. Every Sri Lankan stay embraces visitors seeping them into the local customs and traditions that have been part of the country for many centuries. Guests feel the history of the country as it retains its old world charm in the midst of the modern world. Thanks to a homestay holiday visitors can spend their holiday money travelling around this wonderful island, experiencing sites of historical value, the cool climes of the up country and the warm and alluring beaches. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: