Beijing 4 Park for the first time using 3D portrait of real-time stream of people control of tourist-cagliari exchange

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Beijing 4 Park for the first time using 3D statistical new network real-time flow control as tourists – JINGWAH Times News (reporter Ma Jinfeng) during the National Day this year, the the Summer Palace, Beijing zoo, 4 municipal parks will be the first time statistics "Park, in the garden, a number of park visitors, the use of big data to guide tourists regulation. Beijing 11 municipal parks and Chinese Garden Museum is expected to receive 3 million 600 thousand tourists, the peak will appear in October 2nd to 4. Visitors are advised to "peak heating avoidance" garden. According to the safety of the city park management center emergency department director Shi Jianping, during the national day, the Summer Palace, Tiantan, the Beijing zoo and the Xiangshan Park will run "measurement, statistics, publishing and management of one of the four tourists grooming system, realize the passenger information" Holiday Park Park, in the Park, the park’s real-time collection, query, analysis and statistics. What is the difference between the tourist quantity management system and the previous tourist statistics? According to Shi Jianping introduced last year, statistics of the number of parks, mainly depends on the number of tickets, park test tallies, but there are still some people hold the number of votes, the statistical accuracy is low and there is a certain lag, and now the system according to the number of people using 3D statistics, face location statistics, the accuracy rate reached 98%, reflecting the flow of tourists. The role of tourists, tourists in the data acquisition system of grooming park gate area and center view, on the one hand can take effective measures to control traffic diversion, on the one hand the tourists in front of the park will be able to understand each time in the garden park number, convenient to avoid the Peak Park and peak time, scientific arrangements for the tour plan. During the national day, municipal parks were set up 52 garden headquarters, key monitoring area, scenic spots and hot gate traffic intensive region, the implementation of grid management; 43 doors all started "park security", Zhongshan Park Garden Museum and the implementation of the "character test"; on the basis of the original 157 wickets. Adding window, temporary ticketing cars 74, ensure the peak period of the ticket window are all open, avoid stranded tourists gather. According to the the Summer Palace Orient House door, beigongmen, Tiantan, South Gate Park East Gate 18 hot door area, will add 58 wickets, and by increasing the counseling staff, increase the emergency special channel, increasing spare window and other initiatives, to shorten the waiting time of the tourist park. When the core area of tourists close to the instantaneous maximum carrying capacity, will be adjusted through the entrance, slow ticket speed, one-way tour, etc., to reduce the amount of real-time tourists, decomposition of the core scenic tour pressure.相关的主题文章: